Magha Purnima 2021 - The Magh Purnima Bath to destroy all sins

Magha Purnima 2021 - The Magh Purnima Bath to destroy all sins
The Magh Purnima Bath to destroy all sins

The month of Magha has a very special significance in Hinduism. Although every day of this month is considered holy, but the full moon is considered more than all days. The full moon of Magh month is also called Maghi Purnima. Purnima is the last day of the lunar month according to the Hindu Panchag. This month is called Magha month due to the full moon with Magha Nakshatra. According to the English calendar, Maghi Purnima is on 27 February this year.

Importance of Maghi full moon bath

According to the world famous astrologer Maghi full moon bath is considered to be of great importance in Hinduism. It is believed that all the gods come to Earth for bathing in the Ganges in Magh month. In human form, they perform the entire bhajan-kirtan and this is the last day of the bath of the gods.

There is also a belief that in the Dwapar era, Danveer Karna was born by Mata Kunti on the day of Maghi Purnima. On this day Kunti carried them into the river. On this day, bathing in other religious pilgrimage sites including Ganga, Yamuna provides relief from all kinds of bodily, divine, physical etc. Well, religious scriptures mention the importance of bathing throughout the month, but if one is not able to bathe the whole month, then bathing from Maghi Purnima to Phalguni Dooj can achieve the same virtue as bathing the entire Magh month.

Importance of Magh Purnima fast

Bathing on Magh Purnima has importance as well as fasting on this day and the importance of performing charity. It is believed that keeping the fast of Maghi Purnima increases happiness and prosperity, as well as bathing Maghi Purnima is considered auspicious for the attainment of learning.

Maghi Purnima Vrat Pooja Vidhi

Lord Vishnu is worshiped in the worship of Magha Purnima. Banana leaves, fruits, panchamrit, pan-betel nut, sesame, moli, roli, kumkum, durva etc. are used as a material for worship. It is also auspicious to have a scholar Brahmin tells the story of Lord Satyanarayana.

When is Maghi Purnima in 2021

The date of Maghi Purnima in 2021 is on 27 February according to the English calendar.

  • Full moon date starts - 15:49 pm (26 February 2021)
  • Full moon date ends - 13 to 46 minutes (27 February 2021)

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