How Astrology Remedies help to solve your money matters?

How Astrology Remedies help to solve your money matters?
Astrology Remedies for Money Matters

According to astrology consultancy, we all know that it plays a major role in an individual's life and most of us at some point of life is influenced by the impact of astrology. Not that everybody always has a good time for most of them experience both good and bad times in their life. When a person is affected by the impact of bad time then those are the situation where astrology and astrologers come into action with their remedies.

Sometimes despite making all the efforts and doing the best we can, we are unable to deal with financial problems. We are doing all possible things but somehow finances don’t stay with us and we are left with monetary crunches. This is because of astrological equations and to find remedies for financial problems, you need to follow seek astrological solutions.

We have come up with some of the effective astrology remedies for money wealth. With these astrological remedies for money matters, you can ease out the monetary issues to a great extent. Check out our effective and predictable astrological remedies for money matters to deal with the issues that are arising in your life advised by our world famous astrologer. By using these remedies you will be able to resolve all the problems that arise in your

  • First you need to treat Women with Respect. The house where women are given respect and love always prospers with prosperity and money as women are embodiments of Goddess Laxmi.
  • Never earn money by wrong means as it will never stay or bring happiness to you.
  • Make sure that you give a certain portion of your earnings in charity every month. This will in turn bring you blessings. Making donating in white color always please Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Make sure that you place the cash locker in the South or South West direction of the house, facing towards North as North is the direction of Kuber and will attract more and more money into it.
  • You can also place Kuber Yantra covered in red cloth in place of worship in your house. Every morning offer prayers and light diya.
  • Always pay for the services you seek, things you buy from others. Never take things for free from people.
  • Always have a Tulsi plant planted in your house. Every evening light a mud-lamp filled with ghee and offer prayers to it. This would ensure that prosperity and wealth always stay in your house.
  • Feeding cow on Wednesday with green grass is another astrological remedy to fight financial crisis.
  • Keep your house clean of clutter and broken utensils.
  • Offer prayers every day to Goddess Laxmi before starting your day to seek her blessings.
  • Every Friday, use a conch shell opening in south to offer water to Lord Vishnu as this makes Goddess Laxmi happy.
  • She should always stay happy and dress pretty. Every morning, she must throw a tumbler full of water at the main house entrance as this clears the path for wealth to enter the house.
  • Recitation of Mantras: Here are a few mantras which are very effective remedies for money recovery and improving financial status. They are “Shree Sukta” 16 times a day, “Mahalakshmi astakam” 11 times daily, “Narsimha Lakshmi Karavalamban Stotra” for those who are under debts etc.

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