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Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone

Price: ₹ 500/-

The factor that attracts the people towards the gemstone is that it represents the spiritual world. It enhances the luck factor of the wearer as it multiplies the prosperity and abundance in wearers’ life. After touching the stone one can feel their deepest dreams and desires in life nearing their fruition. It safeguards the wearer from the ailments of the bladder and kidney. It is also called Kidney stone because it protects the wearer from kidney ailments.

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According to astrologers, it is considered best when it touches the wearer body. It is mainly valued for its mystical powers, beauty, and protection. One can experience the stability in life as the Jade Gemstone brings peace to the individual mind. It can be worn by the natives who belongs to the creative sector. Kidney stone also protects the wearer from all types of misfortunes and dangers. In China, it has become the most highly esteemed gemstone.

What is the purpose of the Kidney Stone?

It safeguards the wearer from nightmares and protects them from the ill effects of the evil eye. It is mainly worn to get rid of the disease that is related to the kidney. It facilitates the wearer to the spiritual world as it enhances the ritualistic knowledge in the individual.

According to ancient scriptures, it is considered as a symbol of serenity, tranquility, and purity. It is also said that after wearing it one can experience good luck, peace, and harmony in his/her life. Due to such magical properties, it is considered as a versatile stone. One should always have an Astrology Consultation with a Top Astrologer that states how to wear kidney stone, as it possesses magnificent power.

What are the astrological benefits of Kidney stone?

  • The kidney stone or Jade stone helps the wearer in demonstrating the dreams in real life.
  • It can be also worn by the natives who were born in the month of March, as it is considered as a mystical birthstone of March.
  • The gemstone is considered best when worn by the people who belong to Virgo zodiac.
  • It delivers peace and harmony to the wearer mind in tensed and conflicted situations.
  • The gemstone bestows the individual with sincerity and stability.
  • It also ensures the individuals by bringing stability in the physical and emotional aspects of the individual life.
  • It helps the wearer in achieving dreams or goals in life.

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