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Gomed Stone or Hessonite is a honey-colored Calcium Aluminium Silicate having an important place in the Hindu scriptures. Hessonite gets its name from the Greek word ’Hesson’ which stands for inferior’. This stone is believed to be ruled by the Vedic planet ‘Rahu’. Rahu signifies success or failure in politics, deep-seated complexes, irrational behavior, and stress by spirits and ghosts. Gomed Stone benefits the wearer in all aspects of life. It blesses the wearer with fast and miraculous relief from Kaal Sarp Dosh and its symptoms. Rahu is a shadow planet and does not own any sign as such but it gives the results in a very different way.

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Want to know about Gomed Gemstones?

Gomed Gemstone blesses the wearer with victory over enemies and the power to fight against negative vibes. There is no more going to the gemstone shop and do hours of checking and then bargaining. Instead now on an individual can order Gomed Stone Online certified and tested stone and get it at the comfort of home.

What is the purpose of wearing Gomed Gemstone?

The Kaal Sarpa Dosha and Kalathra Dosha are effectively removed by wearing Gomed stone. Gomed stone is considered very effective in the treatment of fatal diseases like color blindness and snake bite. It will help you to protect the wearer from the evil eye, hexing, negative thoughts, dementia attack, etc. It has the capability to cure allergies, thyroid, and stomach problems that can be completely cured by this stone. By wearing Gomed Gemstone at the time of Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu helps the wearer to get rid of the difficulties caused by the spiteful planet Rahu.

What are the astrological benefits of Gomed Gemstone?

Gomed is an important astrological Gemstone because of its ability to ease off the negative influences of Rahu-Mahadasha in the native’s birth-chart. One should always wear the Gomed Gemstone in the most suitable time period selected according to Vedic astrology.

  • The wearer of Gomed Gemstone is not affected by any kind of black magic, hexing, etc.
  • It helps in improving the health of the wearer and cures ailments like epilepsy, allergies, infections of the eye & sinus, hemorrhoids, etc.
  • It brings peace and happiness in marital life. Both husband and wife can wear Hessonite stone to promote love and harmony between them.
  • People into computer jobs, politics, government services, lawyers and scientists are highly benefited with the magical powers of this stone.
  • It also helps in healing diseases like cancer, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, intestinal issues, fatigue, blood pressure, fatigue, etc.
  • Gomed Stone calms the mind of the wearer and helps him/her from depression, anxiety, and mental problems.
  • It reduces the evil effect of Vedic planet Rahu and protects the wearer from the negative vibes & energies.
  • Gomed Stone helps in enhancing concentration, focus, knowledge to achieve desired goals. Therefore, it is quite beneficial for students and people who are working in the research field.

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