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Firoza Stone

Firoza Stone

Price: ₹ 3000/-

The Firoza stone, also known as Turquoise, Feroza, or Firoja has been known for its healing properties. From ancient times the gemstone is well known for its remedial properties. It is best recognized for bringing wealth in the wearer’s life. The individual can feel the change in life as it enhances attraction in one’s personality and channelizes positive vibes in the love life.

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Want to know more about firoza?

Due to its excellent blue color, the gemstone is well known for bringing good luck and prosperity in the native’s life. It also attracts new relations in individual life. The gemstone offers its wearer marital bliss and makes them bold and confident. Due to the factor that gemstone bestows the wearer with wealth and affection, it has become a popular stone. It is very much capable of removing any physical weakness or disease that is present in the native. It also enhances the eyesight which prevents the wearer from dangers.

What is the main purpose of wearing firoza?

Firoza is a trusted gemstone that brings immense benefits for the natives who are associated with an educational or learning field, such as scholars, teachers, researchers, etc. It also enhances the decision-making skills and thinking the ability of the wearer. According to Vedic astrology, Turquoise relates to wealth and prosperity. It brings financial stability in individual life. It impacts the wearers social status and lifestyle in a positive way. It is considered the best gemstone for the individual who is suffering from lung and liver disorders.

What are the astrological benefits of Turquoise Gemstone?

  • It provides peace to the wearer’s mind by bringing positivity.
  • The Firoza Gemstone signifies the education and creative sector.
  • The natives who belong to the creative or educational sector were massively benefited by wearing it.
  • It brings prosperity and wealth in individual life.
  • It also enhances the creativity level of the wearer.
  • It prevents the wearer from misfortunes and bad luck in life.
  • Turquoise provides proper sleep to the wearer by getting rid of nightmares.
  • It also enhances communication skills and brings love in the wearer life.
  • It is mainly worn by the natives who usually get refusal in love life.
  • It balances the financial condition of the wearer by bringing new opportunities in life.
  • It enhances the charisma of the wearer by building confidence in him/her.

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