What is the secret of the triangle formed in the hand?

What is the secret of the triangle formed in the hand?
secret of triangle formed in hand

Astrologers make predictions by observing the movement of planets in your horoscope, in astrology, your horoscope is told according to your date of birth, in the same way every subtle line, mark or sign made on your palm according to oceanography is very important to know your future. Huh. By looking at our hand, palmists can give special information about lines like fate line, lifeline, marriage line etc. At the same time, according to palmistry, if 3 lines meet in our palm and they form a triangle or triangle, then they have their own different beliefs. At the same time, the calculation of the triangle in palmistry is known as hand sign.

Meaning of triangle sign in hand

  • If a triangle made of clear, deep and flawless line is visible on your palm then it is auspicious.
  • The larger the triangle is in the palm, the more profitable and fortunate it is. A large triangle is a symbol of the giant's heart.
  • The triangle found in the middle of the hand shows that the person is fortunate, a believer and prosperous. The person's nature is sweet and calm and he gets fame, respect and respect in the society.
  • The person who has a narrow ambiguous triangle in his palm explains his narrow attitude.
  • If a person has a small triangle inside a large triangle in his palm, then that person definitely attains a higher position.
  • If a triangle is present on the palm of Venus, then the person is going to be simple, melodious and live in peace.
  • If there is a broken wavy or contaminated triangle in the palm, then the native is considered to be a witch and a prostitute. If a woman has such a triangle in her hand, then that woman is considered a clan.
  • If a person has a triangle on the Mount of Mars, he can be rewarded in valor and that person is fearless, courageous and patient. But if there is a wavy triangle on this mountain, then that person is ruthless and cowardly.
  • If a person has a triangle sign on Mount Pluto, then his old age passes in joy, but there are 2 combined triangles on this mountain, which has to suffer disgrace in old age.
  • If there is a clear triangle on the mountain of a Jupiter, then such a person is sly, diplomatic and always advanced. On the contrary, the person is arrogant and selfish in having a wavy triangle.
  • If there is an innocent triangle on the Saturn mountain of the palm, then he is quite adept in the Jataka Tantra Mantra and if there is a sad triangle in his palm, he is a thug and cheat on a high level.
  • If a person has a clear, dark and flawless triangle sign on the Mount of Surya, it is considered religious, altruistic and beneficial. If there is a narrow ambiguous triangle, then that person has to be condemned in the society. Also, one has to face obstacles in getting success in life.
  • If the native has a deep triangle on Mount Mercury, he can become a successful scientist. Also, life gets progress from the point of view of business and also the benefit of traveling abroad. Conversely having a wavy triangle eliminates the accumulated capital and leads to a loss in business.
  • If a person has a clear, dark and flawless triangle sign on his age line, he gets longevity.
  • If there is a clear, deep, and flawless triangle sign on the palm line of the palm, then the person is going to get intense intelligence and excellent education.
  • If there is a triangle sign on the heart line of a person, then that person is fortunate in old age.
  • If the triangle sign is on the health line then the health of the person is always good.
  • If the sign of the triangle is on the Sunline then the native achieves international success in his career.

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