Know the Rituals & Rules of Thursday fasting

Know the Rituals & Rules of Thursday fasting
Know the Rituals & Rules of Thursday fasting

Lord Vishnu has been called the protector of the universe. He is also considered to be Brihaspati Dev, hence the day of Jupiter is dedicated to Vishnu. Lord Shiva Brahma Ji and Vishnu Ji together are called Tridev. Who are the creators, followers and protectors of all creation? Worshiping Lord Vishnu leads to peace and happiness in the house. Lord Vishnu has incarnated on earth for the welfare of the world many times. Whenever there is a crisis on humanity, Lord Vishnu has protected people as his avatar. Lord Vishnu is also known as Narayana and Jagadish Hari.

People keep a vow to please Lord Vishnu to fulfill their desires, but this fast is very popular among virgin girls. This fast can be started from any Thursday in Shukla month except Paush month (December and January). It is believed that by fasting on 16 Thursdays, virgin girls get pleasing brides and all the problems faced in their marriages are removed. If any person observes Lord Vishnu's fast by law, then he definitely gets fruit. Let us know how fasting is done on Thursday by consulting a world famous astrologer.

Thursday fasting rituals and rules

Fasting content: gram dal, rice yellowed with turmeric, good, banana, yellow flowers, raw milk and water

Those who fast on the day of Thursday should bathe in the morning and wear yellow clothes. After that one should go to Vishnu temple with all the contents of the fast. The worship of banana tree is very important in the fast of Veerawar, so you go to the temple and after duly worshiping Lord Vishnu in the temple (yellow flowers, gram lentils, yellow sweets, yellow rice, and turmeric are used for worship. Do) worship the banana tree. Offer milk and water to the root of the banana tree, before that you add gram and lentil, good and turmeric yellow rice in the urn of milk and water and anoint the root with it. At the time of worship, you offer yellow flowers, apply tilak with turmeric and recite the story of Lord Vishnu's fast. You can also read and hear this story sitting near a banana tree. After listening to the story, you perform the aarti of Lord Vishnu and offer them with laddus or yellow sweets. After this, light a lamp of ghee and perform aarti of that tree. At the time of worship, chant Om Gurave Namah Mantra.

Lakshmi Mata is also pleased with the worship of Lord Vishnu. During the fast of Lord Viva, fast is kept for the whole day. Food can be eaten once a day in the evening. Eating yellow things in food will be better, but do not use salt by mistake. Banana is considered extremely auspicious as Prasad. But those keeping the fast should not eat banana on this day. Donate the banana.

Thursday fasting method:

To promote Thursday fast, bring 5 things a day before - gram dal, jaggery, turmeric, banana, papaya and yellow cloth. Then worship as fast as every fast on Thursday, after that pray to God that you have completed your fast and God bless you, and today you are going to practice this fast. Offer all the material in worship to Lord Vishnu and donate it to a Brahmin and get his blessings.

Things you should be taken care of during Thursday fast:

According to astrology prediction If you are starting a fast for Thursday, then take care of these things…

1. It should be kept in mind that on this day do not cut hair nor shave.

2. Do not wash clothes and hair. Also do not wash or wipe the house. Taking out junk from home is also considered taboo on this day.

3. Do not use salt.

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