Relations with family are deteriorating, is Vastu defect in your house?

Relations with family are deteriorating, is Vastu defect in your house?
Relations with family are deteriorating, is Vastu defect in your house?

Even though in the modern era, the scope of families is shrinking and people are moving from joint family to single family, but still the importance of family continues in its place. Every person has attachment and attachment to their family in one way or the other, irrespective of job or other reasons, the person is forced to live in single family. But sometimes we see that despite everything happening in the well-to-do family, the members of the family do not get along with each other. Despite the family being financially prosperous, there are differences between members about something or the other. The reason for this may be Vastu Dosha that cause family problem.

Fights occur due to Vastu defects

According to an astrology consultancy, if there is any type of Vastu defects in the house where the family members live, then the families keep fighting and fighting among themselves. There are some remedies mentioned in Vastu Shastra for such a problem, which can be followed by developing a sense of happiness, peace and cooperation in the family.

Let's know what those Vastu tips are

The positive and negative impact

  • Science also says that the smallest thing in the house has energy. That energy can be both positive and negative.
  • Vastu Shastra also works on the principle of energy. Some objects carry positive energy and some negative ones.
  • It depends on the nature of the object. The first thing is to maintain a good synergy between family members, so always keep the eastern, northern and western parts of the house clean.
  • Do not put violent animals, birds, war, volcanoes, fire, dark clouds etc. on the north-eastern walls. It is auspicious to place a pleasant garden, trees filled with flowers and fruits, children blossoming, flowing water, waterfalls, pictures of deities. They flow positive energy and maintain harmony among the family.

Do this remedy to increase mutual love

  • If the husband and wife are not formed between them, then they should definitely put a picture of love birds, Radha-Krishna in the bedroom. This increases mutual love.
  • Brothers and sisters, your estrangement goes on with parents. If there is a lack of mutual harmony and love, then in the eastern part of the meeting room, where the sunlight comes in the morning, place a crystal ball in that place. In the morning, when the sun falls on this crystal ball, light will be reflected in it and spread throughout the house. This will bring positive energy and sweetness in the relationship.
  • By putting a picture of Lord Vishnu or Shri Krishna in the drawing-room, relations with family members deteriorate and help to get love back.
  • By putting a conch or oyster curtain in the middle of the house or in the living room, any differences between the families are removed.

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