What are reasons for discord in married life according to astrology?

What are reasons for discord in married life according to astrology?
reasons for discord in married life according to astrology

Every man wishes a beautiful wife and a woman a rich husband. With someone in life, it becomes very important for a human being. All kinds of situations can be faced if someone is with you or a married partner. But if the behavior of either of the two people in married life is not favorable, then there will be a period of discord and troubles in the relationship. By looking at the birth chart of the person in astrology, it can be estimated that when the totals of discord may arise in your married life. So, let's have a look at those yoga, whose influence makes the sum of discord in any married couple's life-

  • The seventh or seventh house in the horoscope is related to marriage and married life. If the house of sin planet or low planet remains in this house, then you may have to face troubles in marital life.
  • If the Sun is in the seventh house of the horoscope of the native, then his wife is educated, well-educated, beautiful and efficient in work, but in such a situation, if there is no sight of any auspicious planet on the seventh house, then there is lack of discord and happiness in the married life. goes.
  • If there is Mangli yoga due to Mars located in the first, fourth, seventh, twelfth place in the birth chart, there will be delay in the marriage of the person due to this yoga, delay in post-marriage husband-wife, impairment in the health of the spouse, divorce and A cruel mongrel can lead to the death of a life partner.
  • In the seventh or seventh house of the horoscope, if inauspicious planets or cruel planets (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars) are visible to the planets, then the totals of discord arise in married life. Saturn and Rahu's seventh house is also not considered auspicious for married life.
  • Rahu, Surya and Saturn are separatist planets, which make the marital life hellish by adversely affecting the seventh and the second (family).
  • If Rahu alone is sitting in the seventh house and Saturn alone is in the fifth house, then divorce occurs. But in such a state, Saturn should not be ascendant or should not be a master of the higher in the ascendant.
  • If the yoga of Saptamesh is in any center and any or all of the high zodiac is there in Mercury, Guru or Venus, then married life is happy.
  • Couples life is good if either of the two horoscope has Sun in any angle from Venus or Guru while making Panch Mahapurusha Yoga.
  • Couple life is happy if the saptamesh is combined with lagnesh in any center or angle.

If a person is facing troubles regarding marital life in his horoscope, then it is very important to first match the horoscope of the husband and wife for the remedy. World famous astrologer can tell the remedy only by matching the horoscope of both the natives.