How to Protect The Skin From Dust And Pollution During Work?

How to Protect The Skin From Dust And Pollution During Work?
How to Protect The Skin From Dust And Pollution During Work

There are many types of damage to the skin during work or fieldwork, due to pollution, germs stick on the skin, while the harmful rays of the sun can cause skin burn. Work cannot be avoided, so it is necessary to protect the skin from pollution and sun rays. If you work in an industry or chemical factory, then the risk of damage to your skin may also increase. In this article, we will talk about ways to keep the skin healthy during work or fieldwork and how to protect the skin from the outside environment. For more information talk to astrologer.

What is the effect of pollution on the skin?

  • Exposure to pollution can cause skin rashes.
  • Some people start having problems with itchy skin.
  • Pollution contains a variety of chemicals that can cause inflammation of the skin.
  • Some people's skin gets blisters or blisters from pollution.
  • Pollution makes the skin dry.
  • Pollution increases the problem of skin allergies and acne.
  • Apart from pollution, the effect of the sun's rays can cause the problem of skin burn.
  • The problem of pigmentation in the skin can also increase due to pollution and sun rays.

How to protect skin from pollution and sun rays?

  • To keep the skin healthy, it is necessary to give moisture to the skin from outside. You should apply moisturizer on the skin every day. The benefits of homemade moisturizers are more for the skin, so you prepare the cream or lotion at home. This will keep the moisture in the skin and the skin will not become dry due to pollution or exposure to the sun's rays. Due to exposure to the rays of the sun for a long time, there can be serious problems like pigmentation problems, skin cancer in your skin, so it is important to protect the skin.

Keep these things in mind when you go out of work

  • If you are going out of work, then cover the face with a skin mask with a mask on the mouth, wear gloves in the hands and cotton socks in the feet. By doing this the harmful rays of the sun will not be able to touch your skin directly.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry if you are going out for work or fieldwork. Jewelry can cause bacterial or fungal infections of the skin as the metal gets contaminated by exposure to the external environment.
  • To avoid pollution, you should return and massage the skin, this will remove the germs sticking on the skin and will not be able to harm the skin.

Market products are not needed to protect the skin from pollution

Many people ask which sunscreen they should apply before stepping out, but we do not advise patients to apply any sunscreen for the skin, you should protect the skin through natural things like going out. Use aloe vera gel before and after. After returning home, make an ice compress on the skin. Vitamin C can also protect your skin from the sun's UV rays, so you can apply orange peel powder as a face pack before stepping out.

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