Practice Kumbhakasana Regularly to Stay Fit

Practice Kumbhakasana Regularly to Stay Fit
Practice Kumbhakasana Regularly to Stay Fit

We try all kinds of remedies to keep the body fit, while regular practice of yoga does not allow you to become bedridden. If you also want a perfectly fit body then you should practice regular Kumbhakasana. Regular practice of this asana reduces abdominal fat as well as strengthens the arms, shoulders, abdomen and back. So let's know about the method of doing this and its benefits


First of all lie down in Makarasan while sleeping in Shavasana. Now keep your elbows and hands claws together. Then raise the chest, abdomen, lower and the capillary straighten the toes of the feet. In this situation, the force or weight of your body will be completely on the toes, elbows and toes. For more information you can get the health astrology. Straighten the spine including the neck. In this case the spine should be in a straight line. Just like a wooden plank or pallet.

Understand this way:

Lie flat on the mat. Now place your palms in front of your face and bend the legs in such a way that the claws are pushing the ground. Now push the arm forward and lift your confirmation in the air. Your feet should be as close to the ground as possible and the neck should be loose. It is also known as Adhomukh Swanasana. After reaching here, breathe in and move your torso down such that the force of your arms is felt on the ground so that your chest and shoulders are directly on them. Stay in this pose as long as it is comfortable. To come out of the posture, exhale and allow the body to rest comfortably on the floor.


This will not only strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, confirmations, thighs, but it will also eliminate your belly and belly fat very fast. This asana is excellent for strong abs in the body. This asana is beneficial in many diseases related to stomach and anus. This increases sex power. This asana strengthens the chest, lungs and liver. This posture also helps you in urinary disorders. It is also beneficial in kidney disease. It strengthens the digestive system and cures diseases like constipation.

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