These Planets Will Change Their Place in May & How It Affects You

These Planets Will Change Their Place in May & How It Affects You
These Planets Will Change Their Place in May & How It Affects You

Planet Transit in May 2021: The planetary zodiac changes have an impact on the lives of all humans. Some planets will change their movement in the month of May also. These planets include the Sun, Mercury and Venus. According to astrology consultancy, Mercury and Venus will change their zodiac signs twice. The movement of all these planets will have an effect on you all.

Mercury transit in Taurus

Mercury planet will transit from Aries in Taurus on May 1. In this zodiac sign, Mercury God will be located till May 26. In astrology, Mercury planet is considered as a factor of intelligence, speech, business, banking etc. Mercury's zodiac changes in Taurus will affect all zodiac signs. But the maximum effect will be seen only on Taurus. Mercury transit will prove to be good for you in some cases.

Transit of Venus in Taurus

The planet of all physical pleasures will be on the planet May 4. They will enter their zodiac sign from Aries. In this zodiac, Venus Dev will be located till May 29. According to astrology, Shukra Deva is considered to be the factor of luxury life, entertainment, fashion, love, romance etc. This transit can prove to be fantastic for Taurus people.

Sun transits in Taurus

On May 14, 2021, Sun God, the head of all the planets, will enter Taurus from Aries. Where they will have a union with Mercury Dev. In this zodiac, the sun god will be sitting till 15 June 2021. According to astrology, Sun God is considered to be a factor of soul, honor, high status etc. The transit of the Sun in Taurus will affect your married life and partnership.

Mercury transit in Gemini

On the 26th of this month, Budhdev will change his zodiac once more. Mercury, a factor of wisdom and speech, will enter Gemini with its own sign. In this zodiac, Mercury Dev will be located till June 3, 2021. Meanwhile, on 30 May 2021, Mercury planets will be retrograde in Gemini and know by consulting best astrologer.

Transit of Venus in Gemini

Venus will change the zodiac for the second time in the month of May. On May 29, Venus will enter Gemini from Taurus. In this amount, they will be located till 22 June 2021. Shukra Dev is a factor of splendor, art, beauty and sensuality. With the arrival of Venus in Gemini sign, it will have an auspicious effect on all zodiac signs.

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