Palmistry tells whether married life will be happy or unhappy

Palmistry tells whether married life will be happy or unhappy
Palmistry tells whether married life will be happy or unhappy

The horizontal line present on the Mount of Mercury below the junior finger and above the heart line is called the marriage line. The number of marriage lines in the palm can be up to 4. Of these, only one line is the most corroborated and the longest. For marital happiness, the position of the Moon, Saturn, Mars, Guru and Venus mountain, and other lines in the palm are also considered. Therefore, no result can be drawn from the marriage line alone.

Married life will be happy:

1. According to astrology consultancy the marriage line is clear, strong, and is not crossing any other line, as well as there is no sign of the cross, then a happy married life can be wished.

2. If this line is deep and long, then the person values his relationships and he really loves them. Starting from the marriage line, if a thin line goes towards the heart line, then both of them remain together for life.

Married life will be sad:

1. A fragmented marriage line is a sign of a break-in love or married life. If this line is broken in both hands, then there are strong totals of Varaha. The fragmented marriage line gives the wife disconnection in the middle of life. This yoga is formed by the death or divorce of the wife.

2. If the marriage line crosses the heart line, that is, it comes out after ripping, then it is a sign of marriage separation.

3. If the marriage line is inclined towards inferiority, the spouse dies before that.

4. If there is any other line crossing the marriage line or the marriage line is cut from the horizontal line, then these are signs of loss in marital happiness.

5. The sign of the island at the origin of the marriage line disrupts marital happiness, while more than one island on the marriage line denotes marital happiness. The presence of the island is also a sign of notoriety in love.

6. If there is a tilt in the marriage line and a cross is formed on that tilt, then the husband-wife problem or may die accidentally or the love affair may end soon.

7. Black spot on the marriage line is the information that the native will lack wife happiness.

8. It is also said that if the marriage line goes down and touches the heart line, the wife dies and if this line bends down and joins the heart line, then it is an indicator of separation in married life.

9. If a woman has a constellation on the marriage line in her hand, bend the marriage line and touch the heart line, there is a black spot on the marriage line, and she may be widowed if the marriage line meets the heart line and cut both the fine lines.

10. The end of the marriage line is divided into several parts, a sign of extremely unhappy married life. In the end, the two-fold marriage line also makes marital life discordant.

11. It is believed that if this line is short and light then the person does not care about their relationships. The weak line expresses a short-term love affair. The widening of the marriage line in the palm is a sign of having no enthusiasm for marriage.

12. If the marriage line cuts the age line or if the marriage line, fate line and head line meet each other, then the marriage is full of sorrow and discord.

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