What does Number 3 means in Numerology Prediction?

What does Number 3 means in Numerology Prediction?
What does Number 3 means in Numerology Prediction

If your birth date is on 3rd, 12, 21 or 30, your radix will be considered as 3, the master of this number is Guru. The lord Mercury of the year and the lord Guru of your numerals have a sour-sweet relationship. This year, this combination will give such a sour-sweet experience. Sometimes the lord of the year number will dominate you, sometimes the lord of your radix will rule. In both cases you have to work with restraint.

For the reason this combination keeps the native very active. You will actively participate in creative works. This year you will think about social service and you will be able to establish yourself as a better person. In the middle of this year, success will come to you with your partner success. You just have to balance your feelings and pride. 

Career of Number 3 in year 2021

This year will give you the opportunity to go wherever you like. You will move forward with the support and cooperation of good people. The biggest thing is that the right combination of heart and mind will lead you to such success that you will be surprised. If there is no job, wait till April, the offer will knock. If you are thinking of new business, then you have to stop till August. If you are associated with a career related to speech or writing, then this year will give you immense happiness and happiness. This year you can also think of writing a book.

Money matters of number 3 in year 2021

You have faced a lot of trouble regarding money, the year 2021 will get you your share of money. This year, your stalled money will come, you will get land property money from anywhere. If you are interested in the stock market, then this year's investment will be beneficial for you. If you want to take a loan in 2021, then there will be problems in the beginning, it is better that you try after September. For more information you can consult celebrity astrologer. A suddenly growing bank account can inspire you to make big purchases. This year you can change cars or buy new ones. There are also chances of buying a house, but this year it makes sense to postpone it.

Romance life of number 3

You are going to spend a great romantic life time with your partner this year. Care for your partner's feelings and relationships. Forget the past and start a new life in the new year. If you love someone, this is the best time to express it. If your romance has been going on for a long time, do not hurry to get married this year, and take another year to understand each other. Be comfortable in romantic moments. Avoid the habit of arguing over matter. Remember love is not played by logic. This year will be overcome. If you are single, you have to wait for now, there are no signs of finding the right partner this year.

Health astrology of number 3

This year, your health will be good, you just have to control weight. By eating spicy, you also avoid this way, reduce the intake of sweets this year. Skin diseases may increase in August but this is not a serious matter. Heart care is necessary in December. With regular yoga and walking you can keep your health healthy. There are signs of the stars having no major troubles this year. You are emotionally weak so it is advisable to avoid migraines.

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