Narak Chaturdashi 2020: Its importance & worship method

Narak Chaturdashi 2020: Its importance & worship method
Narak Chaturdashi 2020: Its importance & worship method

Narak chaturdashi is celebrated on the Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. This year Narak Chaturdashi will be celebrated on Saturday, November 13 in 2020. The festival of Roop Chaturdashi is celebrated one day before Diwali. Hence Narak Chaturdashi is also called Chhoti Diwali. Bathing Abhyang on this day is considered very auspicious.

Narak Chaturdashi is also known as Roop Chaudas, Chhoti Diwali and Kali Chaudas. Donating a lamp on this day relieves famine death and fear of Yamraj. If you want to know more about it then consult world famous astrologer.

 Importance of Narak chaturdashi

The festival celebrated a day before Deepawali is known as Narak Chaturdashi. Narak Chaturdashi is also known as Chhoti Diwali, Roop Chaudas and Kali Chaturdashi. It is believed that on the Chaturdashi date of the month of Kartik month, a person who is worshiped by law, gets freedom from all sins. On this day, a lamp is given in the evening. By doing this, the fear of Yamaraja ends and at the same time, the person who does so never suffers the fear of premature death. Abhyang Snan is also given more importance on this day.

According to astrology prediction by doing this, you get rid of the flaws of hell. Any person who takes abhyanga bath on the day of hell chaturdashi ends all the sins of his life. Not only this, on the day of Hell Chaturdashi Malis of sesame oil are also done. On this day, there is also a law for coating and boiling. By doing this, there is an increase in form and beauty. It is believed that on the day of Narak Chaturdashi, Yamraj does not enter the house by lighting a lamp at the main door of the house.

Narak chaturdashi worship method

  1. On the day of Narak Chaturdashi one should wake up before sunrise and massage sesame oil on the body.
  2. After this, the medicinal plant should be rotated around the head three and three times.
  3. One should take a bath only after doing this. This bath is called Abhyang Snan that is considered very important on the day of Narak Chaturdashi.
  4. After this, you should bathe again in the evening and wear clean clothes.
  5. After bathing, remember Yamraj with Dakshina in hand and apologize to him for his sins.
  6. After this, light an oil lamp in the name of Yamraj and place it at the main gate of your house.
  7. After doing this, remember your fathers by standing in the south direction and light an oil lamp in their name.
  8. Narak Chaturdashi is also known as Roop Chaudas. Therefore, one must worship Shri Krishna on this day.
  9. Finally, donate lamps to a poor person.
  10. Throw away the useless items of your house in the middle of the night on the day of Narak Chaturdashi, by doing this you will get rid of the poverty of the house.

Story of Narak chaturdashi

According to the Puranas, a king named Rantidev ruled in a state. He was very religious. At the time when his last time came, the Yamdoots came to take him and he told the king that now it is time to go to hell. The king was surprised as soon as he heard this. He thought that I have not committed any sin, then why are these Yamadoots taking me to hell. The king asked the Yamdoots about this. On this the Yamdoots said that once a poor Brahmin came to your palace. The one who returned hungry from your door.

This is why you have to go to hell. Hearing this, the king felt very sad and when he went to Yamlok, he asked Yamraj for a year to rectify his mistake. Yamraj obeyed the king and gave him a year's time. After which that king again came to earth and asked the sages about the solution of this problem. The sages told him a way to correct his mistake. He said that keep fast on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month and provide food to Brahmins. If you do this, you will not have to go to Narak. After which the king did the same. After which he got heaven instead of hell.

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