Marriages are made in heaven - Do they exist in reality??

Marriages are made in heaven - Do they exist in reality??
Marriages are made in heaven

"Marriages are made in heaven" Do they exist in reality??

Parents and children have an unadulterated bond that starts long before the kid is even conceived. There is a biological link between siblings. As the term implies, friendship is a connection in which you aren't required to make concessions. The connection between myself and God, on the other hand, is unique. When two strangers, from different cultural backgrounds or the same, decide to hold hands and share their future as husband and wife, it is because of God that they are brought together. It is because of this that the phrase "marriages are formed in heaven" has come to be used.

Sharing my opinions on marriage and relationships is what I want to do by writing this blog post. Life partners might appear quickly or slowly, depending on our luck and the course of our lives. Lastly, the D-Day (wedding day) occurs with the ringing of the wedding bells and the exchange of vows between the newlyweds. For better or for worse, the two pledge to be there for one other in times of joy and sorrow.

Living together for years isn't the key to a happy marriage; it's really living together happily with your spouse that is. In our lives, we seldom obtain what we want, and when we do, we tend to overlook the significance of what we've received. You and your spouse must compromise in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

 It's up to both of them to stand up for one other and to love each other. All three of these elements are necessary for a plant to thrive: sunshine, water, and a high-quality fertiliser. Only until the plant has received all it needs to thrive and produce gorgeous blooms can it be considered a flowering plant. Similar to this, it is necessary for a marriage to have mutual understanding. To have a successful marriage, a married couple must spend enough quality time together and talk about their personal life.

To keep a relationship in good shape, it's always a good idea to do things like take a vacation together, exchange gifts, or simply tell each other "I love you.". In addition to being affectionate, the term "love" also refers to caring for another person. Trusting and supporting your spouse without them even asking for it is a significant deal. When it comes to relationships, I believe two things are particularly important: first, never betray the confidence you have placed in others by breaking commitments you have made to them. To put it another way, you should never have any expectations of what your spouse is capable of doing for you.

As a result, we not only do harm to others around us, but to ourselves as well. Relationships may be strengthened by having a supportive and understanding spouse. Irrespective of how long they've been married (two months or 25 years), every couple eventually has to deal with a crisis or two (be it a love marriage or an arranged marriage). There will be highs and lows in life, but they will not endure. Always keep in mind that life is a book. ...and they had a happy ever after!

What is the cause of marital difficulties?

Love and thoughtfulness are at the heart of a marriage. Despite the fact that they've vowed to be married for the rest of their lives, there are still a few issues that arise. An important problem arises when minor disagreements about inconsequential details turn into large ones. Every married pair has a specific Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solution in their lives. It's possible to utilise astrology to resolve issues you're experiencing with your spouse or partner. The following reasons contribute to husband-and-wife disagreements in marriage:

  • Respect for one another
  • Lack of trust and love
  • Intimate connection with another individual
  • Concerns for the welfare of one's relatives
  • There are financial problems.
  • several individuals

Are there any good methods of dealing with husband-wife conflict?

There are many big life issues that may be solved via astrology. The solution to the husband-wife quarrel problem is one of the most critical difficulties that may cause a person to feel anxious. Many issues might arise when the Nakshatras of two persons with fundamentally different personalities cross paths.

Are affairs outside of marriage a cause of difficulty in the relationship between spouses?

Disputes are inevitable when two individuals live together for a long period. Conflict in Husband Wife Relationship Problem Solution may be caused by a wide variety of factors. Children, relatives, and even the Husband Wife Relationship Problem Solution itself, such as a lack of time or money, are all examples of family members that may be able to help. An World Famous astrologer may be able to assist you if you are experiencing anything similar.

An anti-arguing mantra for couples.

To invoke the power of yoga, say

"Om hreem yogini yogini yogeshwari yogabayamkari sakala stavara jagathmasya mukhya hydrayam mama vashyam akarshaya akarshaya swaha"

Replace the word mukhya hydrayam with your spouse name


In the celestial realm, unions are formed. If you're not sure how to handle an issue in your common relationship problem, use this phrase. Most of the time, you'll see couples on YouTube or Instagram showcasing their love in action. Is it real, and if it is, does it exist? Believe me when I say that there is no such thing as the perfect relationship in the world. The above adage that marriages are formed in paradise will work for you if you appreciate your mate, understand your spouse, don't compare your partner to anybody, and simply accept him or her as is.