Mantra to Attract Love

Mantra to Attract Love  for Your Life

We all know that mantras are formed when speaking ancient Sanskrit syllables. Mantras are considered as the sacred sounds profoundly influence the subconscious mind and are used to help heal and transform the mind, body and spirit. Mantra to attract love can be used for the several purposes, for love to abundance and money. There are many different kinds of mantras that will help you to shift your energy and the manifest what you want. Therefore we create our life and relationships with the one subconscious, as well as through our intentions and emotions. It is important to get really clear on the qualities of your ideal partner as well as what it will feel like to actually be with them.

Getting clear on your love intentions and in combination with being devoted to working with your mantra to attract love, is essential to attracting. Here we are providing some of the effective mantras that will be helpful to deal with the issues that are arising in your life.

5 Mantra to Attract Love

Kleem Mantra For Attraction

mantra to attract love helps to create irresistible attraction, and is associated with love, abundance, beauty and nature. To Use:  Chant “Kleem” sounds like KlEEEEEEEEM with a drawn-out “E” sounds.  108 times in a row daily while deeply breathing in and out. Imagine totally embodying the sound as it permeates every cell in your body.

Kamdev Gayatri Mantra

Mantra to attract love is used to enhance charm, sexual energy and attract and sustain a loving and passionate relationship. To Use: Chant Om Kama Devaya Vidhmahe, Pushpa Vanaya Dheemahe,Thanno Kama Prachodayath 108 times in a row daily for 40 days. As you chant inhale deeply through the nose, breathing in and out. Let the sound run through you and permeate every cell in your body.

Aham Prema

We attract to us, that at which the level of frequency that we are vibrating. In other words like attracts like, LOVE attracts LOVE. This mantra translates to “I Am Divine Love” and connects you to the energy of all that exists. The more you embody the energy of divine love, the more love you will attract into your life.

Sat Patim Dehi

When translated this ancient Vedic mantra means “please bring me a man of truth and goodness” and is used for a woman seeking a man. To Use: Chant Sat Patim Dehi (pronounced: Saht Pah-teem Day-hee) 108 times a day for 40 days. You may find it helpful to chant along to a video HERE.

Patneem Manoramam Dehi

When translated this ancient Vedic mantra means “please bring me a woman of truth and beauty”and is used when a man seeks a woman. To Use: Patneem Manoramam Dehi 108 times a day for 40 days.

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