Make your Marriage Life Long Term Happy & Successful

Make your Marriage Life Long Term Happy & Successful
Make your Marriage Life Long Term Happy & SuccessfulMake your Marriage Life Long Term Happy & Successful

In astrology, the solution of every problem related to human life has been told. In this scripture, many remedies have been given for problems related to marriage and also to lead a happy married life after marriage. Actually, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, husband and wife have to face many challenges in reconciling each other. These challenges sometimes become a problem in front of the husband and wife. In such a situation, along with understanding and understanding, the remedies mentioned in astrology are also very useful.

World Famous Astrologer also tells some surefire remedies for a happy married life-

Wearing Yellow Bangles

The bangle is said to be a sign of suhaag and women also love this jewel. It is said that the sparkle of the relationship always remains with the sweet bangle. But many women do not like wearing bangles much. In such a situation, to keep married life happy to eliminate husband wife disputes, you should wear only 1-1 yellow bangles in both your hands. This will keep happiness in your married life.

Vermilion Remedy

If there is a fight between husband and wife, then before sleeping at night, you should put a pinch of vermilion on the head of the husband. When you wake up in the morning, decorate this vermilion in your demand. With this, married life will remain happy and the attachment of the husband towards the wife will also increase. Not only this, if a married woman donates perfume with red vermilion to another married woman, then the relationship with her spouse remains sweet.

Old Lock Fix

This is a very old remedy. If the disputes between husband and wife are increasing too much, then turn the old open lock seven times in anti-clockwise direction and keep it in a place where you do not have to go again. This is an old way of taking off the eye. By doing this the distance between husband and wife starts reducing.

Read Durga Chalisa

Married woman should recite Durga Chalisa daily and chant 108 names of Durga ji. By doing this also the love problems in married life are removed.

The dispute of married life will be removed from the Gomti Chakra

If the tribulation between husband and wife is increasing, then Pandit ji suggests the remedy, 'Keep a handful of yellow mustard seeds and Gomti Chakra in a red cloth. The names of husband and wife should be written on the Gomti Chakra. Now tie this cloth and always keep it in a place in your room from where it is always visible. Due to this, there is an effect of positive energy on the relationship.

Worship banana tree

To maintain a happy married life, husband and wife should worship the banana tree regularly. Let us tell you that Shri Hari Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi reside in this tree.

What you should not do?

Women should not cut their nails and men should not cut their hair on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Not only this, men should also avoid shaving during these days. If you take care of this, there will be a positive effect in your married life.

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