Vastu Tips: Make life stress free with these small changes

Vastu Tips: Make life stress free with these small changes
Make life stress free with these small changes

Tiredness is bound to occur after office and housework. Especially for women, it is very difficult work to keep themselves stress free after lifting the double bird. In such a situation, after coming home after office, everyone needs a little comfort. Although the environment of the house itself is safe, but sometimes some things and some wrong habits, which are not right according to Vastu, can prevent you from being stress free.

Indeed, stress signs can affect your thoughts, feelings, body and behaviour. Being able to identify common stress signs can help you overcome these. Stress, if left unchecked, can add to many health problems, such as heart disease, obesity,  high blood pressure, and diabetes. This long-term stress can contribute to both mental and physical illness through effects on the heart, metabolic and immune functions, and hormones acting on the brain. Some of the behavioural and emotional symptoms of stress overlap with those of mental health conditions like depression or anxiety.

House cleaning

If you keep the house clean and clean then it will keep you stress free. You may not be able to concentrate more at home due to short time. However, cleanliness of the house is important. Especially keep every item organized. This will keep you stress free.

Mirror in the bedroom

Is there a mirror in your bedroom? If yes, then you should remove it immediately. If you cannot remove it, then at least during the night you should cover the glass. You can also keep yourself stress free.

Sleeping direction

Never sleep while sleeping at night and head towards north. It would be better to head south and sleep. If your bed is in the East Direction, then you can also sleep by turning your head towards it. By doing this you will get good sleep. Never let your bed touch the wall. Make space between the wall and the bed. If possible, do not sleep on beds with bed boxes.

Fish Aquarium

If you want positive energy in the house. So you should keep a fish aquarium. You can also keep fish in a water bowl. Keep in mind that you keep the aquarium or water bowl in the North Direction.

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