Lunar Eclipse 2020, 30 November: What to do or do not?

Lunar Eclipse 2020, 30 November: What to do or do not?
Lunar Eclipse 2020, 30 November

Lunar eclipse date and time:

The lunar eclipse will be held on Kartik Purnima i.e. on November 30, Monday.

  • Eclipse start: 30 November at 1:04 pm.
  • Eclipse Medieval: 30 November at 3:13 pm.
  • Eclipse ends: 30 November at 5:22 pm.

Effect of lunar eclipse

According to world famous astrologer, this last lunar eclipse of the year will be in Taurus and Rohini constellation. This will affect almost all the zodiac signs.

Sutak period

A Sutak period of every eclipse is valid, in which there is a law to chant the Lord's meditation and mantra. But this time the Sutak period will not be valid because it is the eclipse eclipse.

Shadow eclipse

The lunar eclipses which are not seen with the naked eye have no religious significance. Only the lunar eclipses are not seen with the naked eye, hence they are not included in the Panchang and no ritual related to the eclipse is done.


  • According to Astrology consultancy put some Doorva grass in all eatables to maintain their purity. Doorva Grass has the power of fighting the ill effect of the radiations which come to earth during the grahan. As per the Hindu script Doorva has the blessings of the three Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.
  • If you have Kaal-sarp dosh in your horoscope recite Mahamrityuanjaya mantra during the eclipse for maximum times you can.
  • One can also recite.



  • Pregnant ladies should recite the mantra all throughout the period of the Grahan.


  • Chandra Grahan – Freshly cooked food should be taken after the grahan.
  • Take bath before and after the grahan period.
  • The female running in the menstrual period must take bath after the grahan.
  • Must donate something in the name of Pitra
  • Chandra Grahan – Donate cow (go-daan), piece of land (bhu-daan) or some grains (dhanya-daan) as per your capacity. (Rice, water, clothes to the needy ones,)
  • Bath should be taken with clothes worn on the body.


  • Do not urinate or latrine during the grahan period, if you do so you will get dridra-yog (poverty) in your horoscope and if you latrine during this period you get the next birth as insect.
  • Do not sleep during the eclipse.
  • Do not eat anything during the eclipse. If by any chance you eat anything by mistake, you need to observe a fast for three days.
  • No oil bath should be taken during the eclipse.
  • Chandra Grahan – Do not sit on the elephant or horse during the eclipse. Avoid driving a vehicle during the eclipse.
  • Female should not tighten hair clip or Sari clip.
  • Pregnant lady should not cut vegetables or use knife.
  • By doing these simple remedies one can get rid of the evil effects of the wrong planetary combinations in the horoscope.

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