Laughing Buddha Will Bring Happiness and Prosperity In Your Life

Laughing Buddha Will Bring Happiness and Prosperity In Your Life
Laughing Buddha Will Bring Happiness and Prosperity In Your Life

Feng Shui is considered to be the Vastu Shastra of China. Feng Shui is used to transform negative energy from home, objects or any place into positive energy and to maintain harmony and balance. Feng Shui means "way of wind and water". You will find the origins of Feng Shui in Taoism but it is very popular today. According to Feng Shui Vastu, there are five rules of Feng Shui that should never be broken! Always be organized first. Second, keep the bed away from the window, third keep work and rest areas separate, fourth use the bagua map properly and fifth know your colors.

There are many such objects in Feng Shui which are kept in the house as an indicator of auspiciousness and for good luck, one of them is Laughing Buddha. Laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness, contentment and prosperity and eliminate husband wife dispute.

Keep the Laughing Buddha statue at the main entrance of the house

While keeping the Laughing Buddha statue at home, you need to ensure that its height is at or above your eye level. To attract wealth and prosperity, keep the idol near the main entrance of your house.

Keep the statue of Laughing Buddha in the study room

Bring home the Laughing Buddha statue in a meditative state for a peaceful life. Doing so will help you better manage any stress in your life. Keep the statue of the meditating Buddha in the prayer room, bedroom or study room.

Keep the Laughing Buddha wearing Wu Lu in the east

The Laughing Buddha wearing the Wu Lu is the protector of health. When you bring such an idol home, it should be placed in the east direction of your bedroom or living room. By doing this the health of all the people in the house will improve.

Keep Laughing Buddha in the living room with a bundle of gold

One of the best Vastu tips is to bring home the Laughing Buddha statue with a gold bundle. The sack is a symbol of happiness and good luck for you and all your family members. By keeping this Laughing Buddha statue in your living room, you can control the negative energies of the house. If the idol is in golden colour, it will give a lot of positive vibes.

Put the Laughing Buddha sitting on the dragon turtle at the office desk

The Laughing Buddha on the Dragon Turtle is a symbol of power and strength. Bringing it home can help you transform your income and career. When you put it behind the desk in the office, it can make a great impact on your business.

Avoid placing Laughing Buddha in these places

Laughing Buddha is a deity and you should never keep his idol in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. According to world famous astrologer, these places are considered inauspicious and should be avoided. You should never keep the idol on the floor of your house.

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