Kundali matching is very important? Know the complete facts related it

Kundali matching is very important? Know the complete facts related it
Kundali matching is very important

The foundation of Hindu culture lies in the Shodash rites. 'Marriage' has an important place in these Shodash rites. As children become young, parents start worrying about their marriage. The biggest concern that parents face as soon as the idea of ​​marriage comes to mind is to find a suitable spouse for their son or daughter.

In ancient times, horoscope matching was considered essential. In the current era of information and technology, Melapak has remained only a ritual. Astrology has determined the total number of qualities in Melapaka on a separation-separated basis to 36, in which 18 or more qualities are considered to be good for marriage and marital happiness.

It is not appropriate to decide the marital happiness based on the number of qualities I see. Mostly it has been seen that even if more qualities are matched than 18, there is a lack of marital happiness among the couples. The main reason for this is to understand the Melapak as a mere merit-based process, such as an exam in which the student is declared qualified by getting a minimum score or 1-2 points or less. Astrology is not so simple and concise. This method of merlap based on properties is not completely effective.

According to astrology consultancy, while matching horoscopes in marriage, special care should be taken in addition to properties, even if the properties are less than the prescribed number. But if other factors of marital happiness ensure marital happiness, there should be no hindrance in marriage.

Things to keep in mind at the time of Melapaka:

The purpose of marriage is to achieve family prosperity and good marital happiness along with the entry into the household ashram. A family full of love and harmony is like heaven in this world. There are some important factors in the birth chart of a human being to know the possibilities of accomplishing these objectives. These factors are - seventh house and seventh house, twelfth house and twelfth house, second house and second house, fifth house and fifth house, natural house of planetary Venus (for men) and guru (for women) in addition to eighth house and eight.

Seventh house: For getting married pleasure, the seventh house has special significance. The seventh sense is also of partnership. Partnership is very important in marriage. Therefore, there should be no sinful planetary influence on the seventh house. The ruler of the seventh house is called the seventh. Just like the seventh house, there should be no sin effect on the seventh and neither should the seventh be located in any inauspicious house.

Dwadash Bhava: Dwadash Bhava, similar to seventh house, is also considered important for married happiness. Dwadash bhava has been considered as the meaning of Shaya Sukh i.e. sexual pleasure. Therefore, the influence of any kind of sinful planets on the Dwadsha Bhava and its ruler Dwadeshsh can cause loss of marital happiness and solves husband wife problem.

Second sense: Marriage means the beginning of a new family. The second house is called money and family house. Family happiness is revealed by the second sense. Therefore, the effect of any sin planet on the second house and the second house lord gets the couple afflicted with family happiness.

Fifth house: According to the scriptures, when a person is born, then he becomes indebted with birth. One of these innate debts is 'Pitra Debt' which is freed by childbirth. The fifth sense gives knowledge of child happiness. The influence of any sin planet on the fifth house and its master Panchamesh deprives the couple of child happiness.

Eighteenth house: Widow or legal enjoyment after marriage is like a disaster. Therefore it is necessary to thoroughly test the age of the future couple. Age is considered from the eighth house and eighth. The influence of a sin planet on the eighth house and the eighth moon reduces the age of the couple.

Natural factors: In addition to these factors, natural happiness should not affect sinful factors, which are Venus in the horoscope of the bride and the guru in the horoscope of the girl. If the natal factor of nubile pleasure in the horoscope of a bride or a girl, Venus and Guru are suffering from sinful effects or is located in inauspicious feelings, then napalm happiness can be lost.

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