Know the importance of the Moon according to astrology

Know the importance of the Moon according to astrology

Know the importance of the Moon according to astrology

According to Vedic astrology, Moon has a very special importance and place among the nine planets. The position of the Moon in the horoscope is analyzed to find out the Moon sign of a person. The sign in which the Moon is situated at the time of birth of the person is called the Moon sign of the person. So let's know from the astrologers the importance of the Moon in astrology and horoscope.

आज का राशिफल जानने के लिए क्लिक करे या अधिक जानने के लिए 

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The speed of the moon is faster than all the planets

Among the Navagrahas, the Moon moves the fastest and transits in any sign for the shortest period of time. Moon transits from one zodiac sign to another in about two and a half days.

Know about Moon in Vedic astrology

• In astrology, the moon sign of the person is made the basis for calculating the horoscope. Moon is considered an auspicious planet.

• In astrology, Sun is considered as father and Moon is considered as female.

• Moon is the lord of Cancer sign. Along with this, Rohini, Hasta and Shravan are also the masters of Nakshatra.

• It is considered to be the factor of mind, mother, morale, left eye and chest.

• Moon is considered the deity of water element. According to astrology, Moon is the child of sage Atri and mother Anusuya.

• Lunar planets are made up of sixteen arts. And is considered the master of the North-West direction.

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Moon gives such results in the horoscope

According to astrology, the result of Moon in the horoscope can be of both negative and positive types –

If there is Moon in the ascendant house of a person's horoscope, then that person is beautiful to see, imaginative and sensitive. These people are also interested in areas related to art. They are music and art lovers. The strong position of Moon in the horoscope also strengthens the mental state of the person. And he remains happy. Such a person is also close to his mother. If all these things are opposite then you can also get a Kundali match for marriage done.

Symptoms of weak moon are as follows

If the Moon is in a weak position in the horoscope, then its mental condition becomes weak. He becomes forgetful.

weak moon sign

• Jatak has to face many kinds of problems when the moon is weak. He tries to commit suicide in difficult times.

• The person becomes highly stressed. He cannot control his thoughts.

• If Moon is afflicted by a malefic planet in a person's horoscope, it has a negative effect on his health.

• Sudden accident or serious illness can happen.

Do these measures to strengthen the moon

• White color is considered auspicious for the planet Moon. Its gem is white pearl. Therefore, to strengthen the Moon, wear a pearl in a silver ring on the little finger.

• Fasting on Monday also improves the condition of the moon. Lord Shiva is the lord of Moon. That's why worship and worship Mahadev on Monday.

• Chant the Beej mantras of the Moon planet regularly.

• Donate white colored items. Like- rice, milk, curd, sugar etc. You can also give a white blanket to the needy.

• Keep fast on full moon and new moon. Worship Chandra Dev and offer water to him.

• Offer Arghya to the moon with water mixed with milk in a silver urn. By doing this regularly, the condition of the moon improves.

Even after taking suitable measures if your moon is not getting strong then you can also consult our world famous astrologer.

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