Mars Transit In Gemini, These Four Zodiac Signs Will Increase Their Troubles

Mars Transit In Gemini, These Four Zodiac Signs Will Increase Their Troubles
know the effects Mars Transit In Gemini

Mars has entered the Gemini zodiac sign of his enemy Mercury on 14 April. On this zodiac, they will remain till June 2, after which they will transmit their lower zodiac to Cancer. Their zodiac changes have a direct impact on the earth and the creatures. Gemini zodiac sign is the zodiac sign, so the passage of Mars in this zodiac will be dominated by natural calamities, storms and storm events. Let us know the effect of transit of Gemini in Mars on all zodiac signs.


  • Your courage and might will increase.
  • Senior family members and brothers may have differences.
  • If you will control your stubbornness and charge then you will get success in the work.
  • Decisions in court cases are a sign of favoring you.
  • Do not lend more money to anyone.


  • There are chances of profit from foreign friends or relatives.
  • The money given is also expected to be returned.
  • Land property matters will have to be settled.
  • Mental discord may be encountered.
  • Vain fights in work area also avoid controversy.
  • Drive the vehicle carefully.


  • Irritability will also come in your nature.
  • Do not let relations with high officials in the field deteriorate.
  • Be reflective of health.
  • Travel carefully, avoid vehicle accident.
  • Land and property matters will be settled.
  • Government work will be done.


  • Money will be exorbitant during this period.
  • You may have to face runaway and financial crisis.
  • You can get good news from foreign friends and relatives.
  • You will get success in foreign related matters.
  • Avoid fights or any other type of disputes.


  • Income means will increase. The money given is also expected to be returned.
  • Enemies will be defeated and the court will win the court cases.
  • Time will be favorable for students or students sitting in the competition.
  • Concern with children will decrease. There are also chances of getting a child for a new couple.


  • Promotion and respect in the job will increase.
  • Changes in job totals.
  • Pending government work will be completed.
  • If you want to fill some new tender also, then the opportunity will be favorable.
  • You will get success in foreign related matters.


  • Your financial side will remain strong.
  • There are chances of buying a house vehicle.
  • Interest in religion and spirituality will increase.
  • Students may face challenges.
  • With courage, we will make difficult situations easy.


  • At this time, you may get angry about small things.
  • Lack of confidence may appear.
  • Do not delay in decision making in business.
  • Be reflective of your health.
  • Try to settle the court cases outside the court.
  • Utilize your energy power in good works.
  • Matters related to real estate will be resolved.


  • Time will be better in terms of work business.
  • Bitterness can occur in married life.
  • There can also be a slight delay in matters related to marriage.
  • Avoid sharing business during this period.
  • Government business will be done.
  • Time is favorable for students.


  • This period may result in economic loss.
  • You can also get entangled in the debt trap.
  • Be more careful in matters of economic transactions.
  • Avoid lending more money to anyone.
  • Pleasant news can be found in this period.
  • Do not be careless about health and drive the vehicle carefully.


  • Students will get good success.
  • There will also be advancement in work trade and the means of income will also increase.
  • There will be apathy in love related matters. Do not waste time.
  • The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled.
  • For the newly married, children will have the chance of attainment and evolution.


  • Family discord and mental disturbance may be encountered.
  • Some unpleasant news can be received from friends and relatives.
  • Be reflective of parents' health.
  • Matters related to real estate will be resolved.
  • Chances of buying a house or vehicle are being made.
  • There will be full support of the government.