Indigo Aura it's Colour Meaning, Personality and Effects

Indigo Aura  it's Colour Meaning, Personality and Effects
indigo aura color meaning and personality

Are you an Indigo person? Do you have a strong imagination and curious personality Read on the post to know more about Indigo aura color meaning and having an Indigo aura around you. 

What is an Indigo Aura, and what does it mean?

Indigo is a violet-blue colour combination. It's one of the most uncommon aura hues. It is considered the mind's ruler and has the second-highest frequency in the colour spectrum's vibrational energy. The aura of indigo hue bestows several powerful features and a list of psychic skills and is commonly represented by magical rituals and spirituality. The Indigo aura's high vibrational field prompts deeper insights and facilitates inner communication. It is in charge of the five senses and aids in the comprehension of life's fundamental meaning.

The native has greater strengths and higher qualities than others since the two colours combine to generate an Indigo aura. To grasp this concept,To learn more about this, read this page and discover the mysteries of the Indigo aura hue. Learn what an Indigo aura is and what it means to be surrounded by an Indigo aura.

Aura of Indigo Light

Clear indigo auras indicate enhanced psychic ability. You can readily understand other people's minds without seeing their auras if you have a clean Indigo aura surrounding you. You may also tune in to their various aura energy by simply paying attention. You have a strong Indigo aura personality that is spiritually alert and insightful.

Aura of Dark Indigo

As previously indicated, the strength of the aura plays a significant part in deciphering the various aura meanings. If the Indigo colour aura has a dark intensity, it signifies you must be dedicated to assisting others. The dark indigo aura indicates that you are overly self-absorbed, and that you should separate yourself from worldly possessions and seek spiritual guidance.

Aura of Bright Indigo

The aura with the hue Indigo represents creativity. If your aura colour is vivid Indigo, you are likely to know things that the majority of people do not. You are in touch with your higher self and have the ability to inspire and motivate others to continue on their karmic paths.

Aura of Muddy Indigo

You are brooded with the spirit world if your aura is murky Indigo. You may be experiencing tension or stress because your chakra is not fully open. You could be avoiding your everyday obligations and need some time to recharge your batteries. According to psychic readers, keeping a safe distance from toxic individuals might assist persons with murky Indigo auras restore their vitality.

What Does It Mean to Have an Indigo Aura Personality?

Do you have an aura of Indigo? If you answered yes, you have a kind, empathetic, and inquisitive nature. You are a polite, calm, and determined person. Your intuitive talents are powerful, and you have a great desire for harmony and balance. You don't avoid issues; instead, you address them with elegance and vision. You don't show your anguish and struggles if you're an Indigo. Instead of raising a fuss, you manage things on your own.

As an Indigo aura personality, you are constantly striving to improve and better your life. You have an optimistic outlook on life and try to achieve your goals. You exude self-assurance, inner strength, and assurance.

Furthermore, as someone with an Indigo aura, you enjoy learning new things. You take in everything and try to process it all in your head. People like you are frequently perceived as mature and reserved. Those who know you well, on the other hand, may brag about how you never hesitate to call a spade a spade. You stand up for what's right and aren't hesitant to express your emotions and opinions. Your intuition and perception are enhanced by the indigo colour energy. It transforms you into a visionary who acts on impulses and is always truthful.

Indigo Personality Traits

  • Positive Intuitive
  • RationalDiscerning
  • EngagingCommunicative
  • Logical Fearless
  • Helpful Extremely focused and determined Memory capacity
  • Acceptance of Responsibility

 Negative Characteristics of Indigo People

  • Impulsive Overthinker/Pessimist
  • Cruel
  • Unreasonable
  •  FearfulJudgemental
  • Confrontational Intolerant

Is Indigo Aura Positive or Negative?

Seers wear indigo. It symbolises a psychic medium who can provide accurate readings. The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the Indigo aura or energy, which is an essential aura colour that defines your intuitiveness and sensitivity to people, things, and nature. Indigo auras that are brilliant and clear symbolise positive energy, whereas those that are fading and dark reflect self-absorbed and negative energy. As a result, depending on its hue, clarity, and intensity, Indigo colour may be both wonderful and harmful.