How to Improve your Relationship with In-Laws?

How to Improve your Relationship with In-Laws?
How to Improve your Relationship with In-Laws

The relationship of mother-in-law has been considered bitter for centuries. But sometimes mother-in-law's relationship goes so well that daughter-in-law does not even remember her maternal grandfather. Here are providing some of the tips that are suggested by marriage astrology and helpful to eliminate the issues that are arising among mother in law and daughter in law.

Tips for improving relationship with your mother in law:

  • Mother-in-law should never compare her daughter to daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law should not compare mother-in-law to her mother, because mother-daughter relationship is very different in itself, so do not compare this relationship with mother-in-law relationship. It is better to do it.
  • The mother-in-law should free the son from his grip after marriage so that the marital life of the son and daughter-in-law can go well and the relationship between mother-in-law can become stronger.
  • The daughter-in-law also should not leave the responsibility of her family and children to her mother-in-law. The daughter-in-law should also take care of the mother-in-law's age.
  • If the mother-in-law is both stubborn, then both should be gentle and also maintain a little distance.
  • Talk with your mother-in-law, listen to stories about their childhood, learn life stories from them. This will make them feel good and make your relationship stronger and eliminate disputes of husband wife.
  • In view of the mother-in-law's experience, it is not wrong to take suggestions from them. If you do not like their suggestion then there is no need to take personal because it is up to you to believe or not.
  • After marriage, the mother is afraid that her son may not change and daughter-in-law is afraid that her husband listens to her own mother more than them, so there is an estrangement in the relationship. In such a situation both need to develop their understanding. The mother wants the son to have some freedom and the wife wants that the first right belongs to the mother, understand this.
  • If the daughter-in-law is working, she does not contribute to the household work, and if the mother-in-law does the work of the mother-in-law, then the tension in the relationship is sure to come. If the two work together then there is no question of fight and quarrel.
  • Mother-in-law does not like the issue of frequent maternal visits. Instead of speaking it directly, it brings out the anger of the mind when it comes to chance. You should also keep in mind that after marriage, your in-laws house is yours, so avoid frequent maternal visits.
  • Some mother-in-law compares her daughter-in-law to other daughters-in-law and daughter-in-law also goes outside the in-laws' house. This leads to increasing hollowness in the relationship, which weakens the relationship. It is only right to keep the things of the house at home and the mother-in-law should also take care not to compare your daughter-in-law with anyone else

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