Importance of Northeast Angle while Building a House

Importance of Northeast Angle while Building a House
Importance of Northeast Angle while Building a House

As we know that bread, clothes and house are the basic needs of every human being. In the absence of this, it becomes very difficult and difficult for human beings to survive in the world. But many times it happens that in the pursuit of achieving many things, we are not able to enjoy these pleasures in life. The first reason behind this is our lifestyle which is attracting us to the western world but is separating us from our original culture and traditions.

Importance Of Northeast Direction

Whenever a house is constructed, the Northeast angle has its own importance. In today's article, we will give you some information related to the northeast. In today's era, food, clothes are another dream along with this. Nowadays every person does a lot of hard work to get his own house, but it is often seen that when this dream of any person is fulfilled, then they are not able to get as much happiness from it as they expect. Because of this, he is surrounded by despair. But the main reason behind this is Vastu defect. For more information talk to astrologer.

Whenever a house is being constructed, the most important thing to keep in mind is Vastu. In today's fashionable era, there are many people neglecting whom after building the building they suffer physical, mental and financial damage. As we know that it is very important to take care of many things in Vastu Shastra, but the most important is the Northeast angle.

The northeast is considered to be the main area i.e. God. Whenever a house is constructed, it is very important to take proper care of the sanctity of the north-east corner and the Brahma Sthan i.e. the middle place. So by not doing so, the owner of the building suffers from many problems. There is a misconception in the public mind that only the north-east corner is called the north-east corner. But in reality, the determination of Vastu corners is done by dividing the entire plot equally into nine sections.

According to astrology consultancy there should be no construction other than the temple in the north-east corner of the house. It is believed that heavy construction like toilet, bathroom and water tank is also prohibited in the Northeast. It is said that the Northeast angle should not be heavy in any way. It is believed that the more pure and holy the Northeast corner and Brahma place of any house, the more the owner of that building will be happy and prosperous. So whenever you get your building constructed, then at that time know very well about Vastu defects and Northeast angle.

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