Mantra OM: Its benefits & Importance

Mantra OM: Its benefits & Importance
Importance of Mantra Om

What is Om?

Om is described differently in the Upanishads. The word Om is derived from the three Sanskrit letters A u and M. Om is the symbol of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The sound of Omkar has been called the essence of all mantras in the world. The mere effect of this has a positive effect on the body. Om is also very important in yoga practice. It awakens the navel, heart, and command cycle.

Worship of a house is not complete without Om it is said that without Om creation cannot be imagined. It is believed that the sound of 7 always comes out of the entire universe. Today I will tell you what the word means. How can the sound emanating from it relieve your diseases? Om is not just a sacred sound but is a symbol of eternal power, The word is made up of three letters. A means arising, o means arising means growth and M means becoming silent i.e. becoming Brahman.

The word is the dominant part of all the main cultures in some form or the other in this world. Vibration starts in different parts of the body only with the pronunciation of such as 'A' - - vibrates in the lower part of the body (close to the stomach). 'U'- There is a vibration in the central part of the body (close to the chest). The ‘M’ vibrates in the upper part of the body ie (Mastik). The pronunciation of the word provides many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Importance of om

By doing Om Mantra, three parts of the body start vibrating. When you pronounce A, there is a vibration close to the stomach, when uttering U is vibrated in the middle part of the chest, and when speaking M, there is a vibration in the brain. In the mythological period, the sage Muni considered Om Mantra as the means of attaining salvation.

Benefits of Om Mantra

  • The atmosphere is purified by the vibrations born of the chanting of the Om Mantra. Research has shown that if you chant Om in high tone continuously 11 times, then the surrounding microbes and bacteria are destroyed.
  • Chanting the Om mantra strengthens our respiratory system. Also, immunity in the body also increases.
  • Chanting Om relieves mental stress and depression. There is positive energy in you.
  • Lungs are strengthened by regular chanting. Apart from this, physical pain, vibration in the body, and troubles in the respiratory process are relieved.

How to chant Om

  • According to astrology consultancy to chant the Om Mantra, first, choose a clean and calm environment.
  • Then sit in Sukhasana, Padmasana. While sitting, keep the spine straight and the neck straight.
  • Now close the eyes and mix the index finger and thumb of both hands together and keep both the knees in the knee by making a mudra.

After this chant Om Mantra.

  • While reciting Om, recite the three words at the same time.
  • If you want to make a protective shield in your surroundings, then chant Om in a loud tone so that negative energy is destroyed and bacteria and germs around are destroyed.
  • You can pronounce Om 5,7,10,21 times.

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