How You Will Find Your True Love?

How You Will Find Your True Love?
how you will find your true love

Love is a beautiful feeling and no one in this whole world is happier than those who get the love they want. At some point in our lives, there is definitely a time when we need a partner who will hold our hand at every step, understand us and in front of whom we can express all the things of our mind without any hesitation. . There comes an age in life when we want to make someone our own, both mentally and physically. But most of the time, we get to see here that what you think is your own, deceives you, lies and cheats and fulfills your needs and when time comes, you leave even with you. So today through this article, we will try to tell you how to form a good love relationship in the horoscope.

Astrologer opinion regarding true love in relationship

Now as far as love marriage astrology is concerned, some such coincidences are formed in the horoscope that makes the perfect sum of love relationships. According to Vedic astrology, the fifth house of the birth chart determines love affairs. If the fifth house and fifth person in the horoscope of a person is suffering from a cruel planet or is weak, then the person has to face difficulty or hindrance in love. At the same time, the seventh house in the horoscope is considered to be the factor of marriage. When there is a strong relationship between the fifth and the seventh house, then there are chances of converting love into marriage. Apart from this, the natural factor of love is the planet Venus. While the planet Rahu acts to elevate the love to the extreme.

Ways to find true love

  1. Worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi on the Thursday of Shukla Paksha for three consecutive months. After worshiping, chant three beads of the mantra 'Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah'. Also, make offerings to the temple every Thursday for these three months. By doing this you will surely get your true love.

  2. Worship Maa Durga and offer a red colored flag or chunari on her idol. By doing this, the wish of true lover of the desired love air is fulfilled.

Can I consult an expert to know about relationship problems?

If you also want to get love in life then you are on the right place and get your love back in life. All you need to do is that consult world famous astrologer and get the reliable solutions to deal with the issues that are arising in your love relationship path. So what are you waiting for just place a call and get in touch with him.

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