How Vastu Shastra is Helpful for Better Health? Follow 7 Tips

How Vastu Shastra is Helpful for Better Health? Follow 7 Tips
How Vastu Shastra is Helpful for Better Health? Follow 7 Tips

In spite of all other measures for a healthy life, if Vastu is avoided, there may be potential health issues in the family. Vastu for health deals with that aspect of cosmic science where it targets the positive energy of the house which not only improves the physical and mental health of the individual and his/her family but also their overall well being.

Apart from improving one's physical and mental health, one of the biggest benefits of Vastu for health is that the 7 chakras within the body become active and balanced. Chakra is another ancient science which is essential for overall wellness. When the 7 chakras of the body are opened or balanced then a person is in his best health. The positive energy emanating from vastu shastra is widely responsible for balancing the seven chakras and helps one to find inner peace and lead a nimble and healthy life by avoid love problem solution.

How vastu tips are helpful for health issues?

  1. Do you work sitting under a beam? Avoid working under a beam or sitting near a pole as it can have a serious effect on your health. The beam pulls away the negative energy of the entire dwelling which is transferred to you. So avoid sitting in that place permanently.
  2. Where do you sleep facing? Sleeping in your favorable direction activates your 7 chakras. Due to these active chakras, one gets the power to resolve all worldly issues.
  3. Take care of bathroom and toilet. Open bathrooms and toilets at home or office affect your health. Bathrooms and toilets emit a lot of negative energy, so it is best to keep them closed.
  4. Do you have unused medicines in your house? If so, remove them immediately. According to world famous astrologer, keeping such unused medicines in the house affects your health as these medicines represent negative mental image of past diseases.

7 Vastu Tips to Eliminate Health Issues

1) Do yoga and meditation regularly to get good health and stay healthy. If you do this facing the north-east direction of the house, then you will soon start seeing its positive results.

2) Worship the house in the North-East direction to work peacefully, increase positive energy, avoid stress and increase your efficiency. If you do any chanting, then do it sitting in the same direction.

3) Use light colors in the house to get good health. Choose only light colors from the house's claims to furniture, curtains, bedsheets, cushions etc. Avoid using dark colors in the house.

4) For the good health of the whole family, put a smiling photo of the head of the house or the whole family in the north-west direction.

5) If a person is undergoing treatment in the house, then he should keep his medicine in the area from North to North-East. If the bedroom of such a person is also in this direction then it is better.

6) In order that the people of the house do not have health problems, there should not be any useless items lying anywhere in the house. Do not keep closed clocks, defective electrical appliances in the house. Keep cleaning the storage in the house from time to time.

7) There should be no sound while opening or closing the doors, windows in the house. For this keep oiling them from time to time. There should be no sound even while opening or closing the main gate. This has a bad effect on the health of the people of the house.

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