How to treat several diseases with Ayurvedic medicines?

How to treat several diseases with Ayurvedic medicines?
How to treat several diseases with Ayurvedic medicines?

If a person's body is surrounded by diseases, then a sick soul can never attain spiritual and mental peace. That is why Ayurveda is mentioned in the Vedas so that a person can remain healthy and attain spiritual and mental peace

Today, every household has one or more people. Diseases have made our lives hell. But you will be surprised to know that some infallible Ayurvedic medicines are present in the kitchen or kitchen of the house, but due to our little knowledge we are not able to use them. So let's know about those Ayurvedic medicines, whose regular use can prevent diseases.


Ginger also acts as a pain reliever. If you are having a headache, grind dry ginger with water and make a paste and apply it on your forehead. Applying it will definitely cause mild irritation but it will help in relieving the headache. At the same time, using ginger in food also saves a person from seasonal diseases.


Parsley is used to relieve abdominal pain. In the case of stomachache, spraying half a teaspoon of parsley with water provides relief in stomachache. By adopting these tips regularly, you will keep your stomach clean.


Turmeric has been found to have antiseptic, antibiotic and pain relieving ingredients. These elements are helpful in reducing the pain and swelling of the injury. Applying turmeric paste on the wound cures it. For the injury, drinking turmeric in milk provides relief in pain. If turmeric is of good quality, then using it with milk does not cause physical weakness.

Basil leaves

A lot of medicinal elements are found in Tulsi. Grind the leaves of basil and mix it with sandalwood powder and make a paste. Applying that paste on the affected area in case of pain will relieve pain. Mixing the juice of one teaspoon of basil leaves in honey and lightly lukewarm, eating, relieves sore throat and pain.


Mixing a pinch of fenugreek seeds with a spoonful of fenugreek seeds and spraying with water provides relief in stomachache. Fenugreek is also beneficial in diabetes. It is also a good medicine for diabetes. Eating laddus of fenugreek provides relief in joint pain


Asafoetida is pain reliever and bile. Taking asafetida is beneficial in chest and stomach pain. For small children, stomach pain is cured by dissolving asafetida in water and applying it around the navel of children.

Bitter gourd

Drinking bitter gourd juice provides relief in bile. Applying bitter gourd juice to the joint pain provides great relief.

Natural remedy for headache hidden in lemon

Nature has such effect in lemons that if a few drops of lemon is added to the tea without milk and drinking it, then the headache gets relief immediately. Not only this, for the headache also due to clotting, making a paste of lemon peels on the forehead brings quick relief in headache. Lemon can also be used to reduce weight.

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