Are you in One-Sided Love? How to Solve this Problem?

Are you in One-Sided Love? How to Solve this Problem?
How to Solve one sided love Problem

Love is an emotion in front of which everything in the world seems pale. At the same time, when love is one-sided, it seems as if a mountain of sorrows has broken. Unrequited love hurts a person's mental state so much that a person cannot differentiate between right and wrong. In such a situation, we are trying to explain what is unilateral love and what is the way out of it, through this article.

What is one-sided love?

Although it is a bit difficult to explain unilateral love, but in general language we can call it a feeling of attraction towards a particular person. For example, suppose a boy likes a girl very much. At the same time, that girl does not know that the boy likes her. Apart from this, it is also possible that the girl knows that the boy loves her, but that girl wants another boy. Both of these situations reflect one sided love. That is, the feeling of attraction towards a particular person, which is limited to that person, the person who has that feeling in his mind, can be called unilateral love.

How to know if your love is one sided?

Normally, unless a person expresses love to a person, towards whom he has a feeling of love, it is called unilateral love. At the same time, in many cases, it is seen that despite the love being expressed, the chemistry between the two people cannot be formed, it can also be a sign of unilateral love. In such a situation it can be known through some easy gestures whether your love problem is accurate or not. These signs are as follows:

Apologize excessively

If you have to apologize repeatedly for everything in the relationship, then understand that this is a gesture of unrequited love. In every relationship, everything is equal, including anger and coaxing. This applies to both people who love each other. If this is not the case for you, then you should be alert.

Being insecure about a relationship

Repeatedly develop a sense of relationship breakdown in the mind. There is a fear in the heart that it will be attracted to someone else. If such feelings always come to one's mind, it can be a great gesture of unilateral love. Actually, trust and faith are considered to be the basic characteristics of love. In such a situation where there is genuine love, there is no scope for doubt.

Raise questions about yourself

According to astrology consultancy if there are often questions about oneself in one's mind, such as: - Am I beautiful? My boyfriend or girlfriend likes me, right? He likes my behavior and clothes, doesn't it? So this can be a sign of unrequited love. At the same time it is also possible that this relationship is going on from your side only.

Be abusive

Suppose you are always ready to make new plans for your partner. You like to make surprise plans and give gifts from time to time to make them happy. Despite this, your partner's behavior remains indifferent towards you and if they never thought of doing anything for you, then be alert. This makes it clear that all efforts are being made by you to keep this relationship going, that is, your love is one-sided.

Planning everything according to the partner

If you have to do everything with the will of your lover or girlfriend. Whether you want to watch a movie, go for a walk or meet them, you have to wait for their yes. Not only this, every time you have to adjust your time according to your partner, then it is time to stop and think a little. This does not happen in mutual love, but both the partners make a plan keeping in mind each other's convenience. Also, respect each other's feelings. If you are not getting the solution then consult famous astrologer.

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