How to Make Your Work Station Perfect According To Vastu Shastra?

How to Make Your Work Station Perfect According To Vastu Shastra?
How to Make Your Work Station Perfect According To Vastu Shastra

Most of the people are doing work from home means sitting at home and doing office work. But in the home environment, you face a lot of difficulties in working. Sometimes the things kept around you interfere with your work and sometimes you do not sit in the right place in the house. In such a situation, in spite of having a lot of desire to do your work, you remain disinterested towards work, get angry or the mind cannot concentrate as soon as you sit on the seat. If so, then make some changes according to Vastu in your work station, the work will also feel good and the productivity will also increase.

Selection Of Direction According To Job

If you are involved in business like writing, bank, business management or accounts, then it will be beneficial for you to sit facing north. Whereas your job is related to computer programming, education, customer service, technical service, law or medical, then it is best to sit facing east. In this way, your mind will be engaged in work, the energy level will increase and negative energies will also not become a hindrance. Keep in mind that while sitting for work, the north-west direction should be avoided because sitting in this direction reduces the concentration of the mind.


The chair you are using should have a wall behind it as it is considered auspicious according to Vastu. There should never be a window or door behind the chair and there should not be a beam directly above your chair-table, as it can cause financial loss. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping files, piles of papers or other household items on the table not only affects the quality of work, but also increases the negative energy. Due to the increase of negative energy, you will be under stress and the work will not be completed on time, to avoid this, keep your table clean. The table you are working on should not have a glass top, because glass generates negative energy which can slow down your work. If there is a glass top, then spread a cloth of sattvik color like green or white on the table. If you are waiting for an international work opportunity, place a globe on the north-west side of your desk, so you can invite new opportunities.

Check Lighting

How is the lighting of the room in which you work, it also affects your work and mood to a great extent. If the light is too bright or too low, then there is a bad effect on your eyes. At the same time, lack of proper lighting also creates Vastu defects and negative energy starts circulating there. Lack of light can also be a hindrance in progress, obstruction of work and cause of debate etc.

Keeping Plants

To make the room of the house you are working in beautiful and positive, you can place any indoor plant here. Keeping small plants like money plant, bamboo bunch, white lily or rubber plant in the east or north direction is considered to be beneficial along with beauty. Keep in mind that never plant dry, prickly and bonsai plants in your workplace, they are an indicator of despair. Green color is a symbol of happiness, prosperity, prosperity and purity, it increases the level of positive energy and is considered to be calming to the mind.

Pay Attention To Pictures

According to astrology consultancy by placing a picture of a green forest or waving crops in the north direction in the room, you get many benefits and you get full money of hard work. Applying the landscape of mountains and rocks on the walls of south and west direction gives morale and stability. If such paintings are hung on the eastern walls, then it will hinder the progress in business. In the east direction, you can keep pictures or symbols that are pleasing to the mind like trees and plants, running horses, flying birds, swastika or rising sun. Water landscapes that have views of the sea, rivers, lakes or lakes on the walls of the north and west directions are to invite prosperity. Negative images like crying child, thorny plants, broken idol, sinking ship, fire etc. should also not be placed at your work station as it can increase the negative energy and have a bad effect on your work and mood.

Flowers will reduce stress

You can keep a bouquet of fresh flowers on your table to avoid fatigue from work throughout the day. According to world famous astrologer, the decoration of flowers gives pleasure to the mind and also helps in reducing stress. If the flowers kept in the vase start drying or withering, then they should be removed immediately, such flowers create negative energy.

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