How to know about Government Job in Your Horoscope?

How to know about Government Job in Your Horoscope?
How to know about Government Job in Your Horoscope

Most of the youth in the country have a tendency towards government jobs. Lakhs of youth prepare fiercely for government jobs. But the truth is also that the sums of government jobs are not made in everyone's luck. According to world famous astrologer, some special conditions of the planets and constellations in the horoscope create the sum of a government job. In astrology, effective and simple remedies have also been given for this purpose. Let us know how government jobs are formed in the horoscope.

  1. If the lord of the ascendant is strong and sits in the tenth house or all the auspicious planets are in the tenth house and the lord of the tenth house is strong and is in his or his friend's zodiac and is in the center or triangle, then the person has a long life and his luck. He is like a king. Such a person goes to the administrative service.
  2. If Sun is predominant in the ascendant and tenth house of the birth chart, then the native is ruled by politician or gazetted officer and Mars, then there are indications of the person occupying a high position in the police or army.
  3. The effect of Guru is also seen on fame and fame and people who do good deeds. Most of the people working in high positions have Mercury Aditya Yoga in their horoscope.
  4. When Sun, Mars or Jupiter is being aspected in the tenth house in the horoscope of a person, then there is a strong possibility of a government job.
  5. If someone's Ascendant is Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus or Libra, then good yogas are made for a government job. When Sun, Jupiter or Moon are together in the horoscope then good yogas are made for government job.
  6. According to astrology consultancy, if there is a double line of the Sun in the hand and a cross on the mountain of Jupiter, then the person gets an opportunity to do a government job.

How To Get Government Job

The ruling planet of the officer is the Sun. Therefore, one should keep on taking measures to please the Sun God. Get up regularly before sunrise, take a bath and offer water to the rising sun.