How to increase your income through Vastu measures?

How to increase your income through Vastu measures?
How to increase your income through Vastu measures

Many such measures have been described in Vastu Shastra, which is directly related to money. By adopting Vastu remedies, you can increase your income as you wish. Nowadays, the need of money remains for everyone. It has become very difficult to live life without money and money, because at the present time nothing is possible without money. In such a situation, wealth can be accumulated in life by adopting some measures of Vastu Shastra to get rid of the problem of money. All people work hard to earn money, but even if you are not able to stabilize wealth, then there can be Vastu Dosha behind it.

When money arrives in our house, then we keep it in a special place, which we call the vault, but if our vault remains in the proper place according to Vastu, then only then we should get that wealth according to the rule of Vastu. Will benefit from According to Vastu Shastra, the vault kept in the house should always be located near the wall built in the south-west direction. When doing so, the face of the vault is towards the north. According to astrology consultancy, Lord Kuber resides in the north direction, which is considered to be the god of wealth.

According to Vastu Shastra, you should never keep other things along with cash, because if you do this, then it directly affects your income. Vastu Shastra says that never keep any items weighing above the vault, doing so, the economy of our house malfunctions and there is a fear of financial crisis in the house. According to Vastu Shastra, trees should not be planted in the north direction of the house. If you do so, you may face financial crisis. If you want to plant trees in the house, then you can plant it in the south direction or in the middle of the courtyard of the house.

If you have taken a loan due to any need, then pay every installment on Tuesday itself and if it is not, then the first installment of the loan must be repaid on Tuesday. According to the world famous astrologer if you do this, you will get rid of debt very soon.

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