How to impress a Girl by avoid your bad habits?

How to impress a Girl by avoid your bad habits?
How to impress a Girl by avoid your bad habits

In today's era people want to be in a relationship, they want to live in this relationship of love. It is often seen that when people get involved in this relationship, they are very happy and do a lot to pursue their relationship with love. But how does this relationship begin? Actually, when a boy proposes to a girl and if the girl is yes, then both of them get into a relationship. But many times it is seen that girls also refuse boys, the first reason behind which is that they do not like them. But have you ever thought that after all, which habits of boys do not like girls? Probably not, so let us tell you what habits you may have to give up if you want to impress a girl.

Drunk Boys

Many boys first smoke as a hobby and then later they start consuming alcohol too. But girls like to walk a long distance from such boys. Girls like to stay far away from drug addicted boys. Therefore, this bad habit of yours can become a hindrance in the way of impressing your girl.

Quarrelsome Habit

Many boys have a habit that they quarrel and beat. From their school to college or other places, they do not shy away from quarreling. In such a situation, you have to understand that girls do not like such boys at all. That's why you should change your fighting habit to get love problem solution.


Many boys have a habit that whenever they say something, some abusive words come out of their mouth. Although, they do not do this intentionally but it becomes their habit. His companionship is seen behind this. Girls like to stay away from abusive boys.

Cleaning Boy

It is often seen that boys rarely keep cleanliness in the hostel room or in the room of their house. Things are scattered, dirt is also seen in the room. Not only this, these boys also do not pay attention to their own clothes, their own hair etc., due to which their look does not look good. At the same time, girls like to stay away from such boys, who neither keep themselves clean nor keep their house.

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