Why you have scary dreams and how to get rid of it?

Why you have scary dreams and how to get rid of it?
How to get rid of scary dreams

Every person dreams after sleeping. Dreams are of all kinds. Some are good, some have very bad dreams. Due to which they get scared. He feels that this dream is not really a reality. While sleeping, I always fear that if the same dream comes again? That is why today we are giving you reasons to have scary dreams. So that we can get to the root of the problem.

By the way, according to the dream scripture, every dream has a meaning, sometimes we have such dreams after which we are unable to sleep and it seems as if the dream is not really a reality. So at the same time it happens to many people that they have scary dreams every night and the time is always afraid that if the same dream comes again.

Sleeping direction

For a good and pleasant sleep, it is not only important to have the bed's architecture but also the way of sleeping. According to Vastu, at the time of sleeping, head should be towards south and feet should be towards north. But if you head towards the washroom in the bedroom at bedtime, it can also be a reason for having nightmares. Because all the negative energy in the washroom enters the body through your brain and results in nightmares.

Junk lying in bed

The junk lying in the bed you sleep on may also be the reason for your nightmares. Many people put unnecessary waste items in the box of their beds. While waste or bad things should never be kept in the house, these things bring negative energy in the house. If you keep those things in bed, then it directly affects your sleep. And you start having scary dreams.

Keeping shoes under the bed

Many people put shoes and slippers in the lower part of their beds. While doing so is not good for their sleep. Placing shoes and slippers under the bed increases negative energy. And it directly affects the brain of a person.

To stress

One reason for having scary dreams at night is stress. Stress does not make our brain cells work properly. And the mind starts imagining. The general thing is that whatever we think throughout the day, all those things go on in the mind during the night. And takes the form of nightmares. Therefore, stress should not be taken.

Using mobile till late night

Nowadays, the era has changed a lot, people use smartphones for a long time instead of sleeping fast. Some are chatting and some play and sleep. But do you know that your habit is the reason for your dreaded dreams. Yes, the light of gadgets and the waves emanating affect the brain. That is why one should not use a smartphone just before bedtime.

Dark bedsheet

Colors also affect our mind and ability to think. The more cool and cool colors we see, the more calm the mind is. Conversely, if you use more dark colors then the mind is distracted. If you cover a dark sheet or sleep on a dark bedsheet, you may have nightmares. That is why do not use dark colors.

Watching scary or crime serials

You may have noticed that most of the scary and crime serials are done on air at night. Because at night, such things affect the brain the most. Those who have to watch such TV serials or web series etc. before sleeping at night have the same frightening dreams.

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