Job Promotion By Astrology – How To Get Job Promotion By Astrology

Job Promotion By Astrology – How To Get Job Promotion By Astrology

Job Promotion By Astrology – How To Get Job Promotion By Astrology

Astrology is a fascinating science as it helps us find answers to various important questions in our lives. Apart from Love Marriage Astrology, money and success, we all have questions like "How to get a promotion according to Indian astrology" or "When will I get a promotion according to astrology" or "Will I get into government service". The answers to career, and job problems and solutions according to Astrology Consultancy effectively calm the inquisitive mind. It also tells about the best careers for your zodiac sign which helps you to achieve success by providing answers to "How to choose a profession according to Indian astrology". If you want to become a politician or an actor, you can learn it from this Vedic science.

But for now, we're going to focus on job promotions. Because our life revolves around our professional life, therefore, we want to know the astrological combination of promotion in horoscope or government job yoga based on government job astrology as Vedic astrology deals with the promotion and job transfer with reasons and logic. has been explained. Not only this but there are also Vastu tips for promotion in a job that help you to set things right. We all want to know about the job change astrology predictions that tell us about our future prospects with respect to our careers.

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In this post, we have come up with a promotion prediction based on astrology as well as the remedies to get a job promotion that will help you to make a bright career.

Astrological remedies for job promotion

Some very effective ways to get a promotion in the job are given below. Follow the below-mentioned astrological remedies which promise quick results in getting a promotion in a job. If you are wondering “Will I get a promotion this year”, then these astrology remedies can be very useful for you:

1. Offer boiled rice to cows every Saturday as it will pacify Shani who rules the professional life of the native.

2. If Saturn is a hindrance in your promotion, then take sesame oil and give it to the poor after seeing your face in it.

3. If the moon is affecting your job, then mix Ganges water in raw milk and offer it to Shivling.

4. If Sun is affecting your promotion then you should feed cows, and give priority to black or yellow cows.

5. If Ketu is affecting your promotion, then you should feed bread with oil to a black dog.

6. If Mars is obstructing your promotion, then you should wear a silver bangle and also respect the elderly women of your family.

7. People who are not getting promoted due to Mercury must donate silver ornaments.

8. People whose promotion is facing hindrance from Jupiter should feed jaggery and gram to cows.

9. If Venus is not allowing your promotion then you should give respect to others. Don't forget to touch your mother's feet while leaving home for work.

10. People whose promotion of Rahu creates obstacles, must offer flour to ants. You can also feed the fish by making balls made of flour.

powerful mantra for promotion in job

If promotion in your job has been stalled for a long time, then we have brought this very powerful mantra for you. By chanting these mantras you can get quick results.

• Chant Gayatri Mantra at least 31 times daily:

Om Bhurbhuva: Self, Tat-Savitur Varenya
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yon: Prachodayat

• The Mahamrityunjaya mantra should be chanted at least 31 times daily.

Om tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti-vardhanam
Urvarukamiv Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat ॥

• Chant Beej Mantra for Lord Ganesha daily:

Om Gan Ganpate Namah

• Chant this mantra and while doing so look at your hands:

Saraswati in Karagre Vasate Lakshmi Kara
Karamuletu Govind Prabhate Kar Darshanam

• Chant this mantra 11 times every morning:

Om Ekadantay Vidmahe Vakratunday Dhimahi! Tanno danti prachodayat!

ways to get a promotion in a job

If you are looking for effective remedies for promotion in a job then we have compiled some of these remedies according to prediction promotion astrology which can boost your efforts:

1. It is very important to please Shani to get a promotion. So make sure you feed the cows along with working hard.

2. Offer a mixture of seven grains to the birds every day, this will remove the obstacle in your job promotion.

3. Feeding bananas to cows every Thursday also gives a strong chance of getting progress in work.

4. Offer 21 invited Gomti Chakras with water to Lord Shiva on Monday.

5. Offering water to Sun before 8 am, chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times, mix some jaggery and yellow flowers. Start this from Sunday and do it regularly for 11 days to see the miraculous results.

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