How to get Astrology Predictions to Plan your Pregnancy

How to get Astrology Predictions to Plan your Pregnancy
How to get Astrology Predictions to Plan your Pregnancy

After the marriage it is the desire of every woman to get pregnant within the specified time. But in all the cases it may not be true. In some of the cases the meticulous pregnancy planning becomes most important. Despite the detailed planning pregnancy may not be fructify. They would try for the long. However the results may delude them again and again.

Without much planning involved some would suddenly conceive as they get married. Therefore the timing of the pregnancy prediction may not give the proper results to one and all. For the reasons, it is necessary to know about the planetary alignment in the horoscope of the female before planning to get pregnant.

Why it is necessary to consider the astrological timings of the pregnancy?

According to the astrology consultancy the kundali of the pregnancy astrology tips has been believer for the long time. Therefore the planetary alignment in the zodiac signs has been the reason for any of the event that would take place in the life of the person. Be it good, bad or ugly, Astrology is the only science that has shed light to the prospective future of a native.

Hence instead of spending heavily on artificial means of getting pregnant, if a native is able to ensure planning a pregnancy with astrology, then the outcome is not only assured, but highly cost effective and supportive.

How does Astrology would check about your pregnancy timing?

  • For any female planning Child and pregnancy with astrology, should be blessed with a good health. To ensure this, the lord of the 1st house and the its lord should be free form any form of negative affliction. If the 1st house is free from any affliction, then timing pregnancy would be successful.
  • The 5th house and its lord is also very important for progeny and pregnancy. Since, the 5th house of any horoscope is important to check along with the 1st house for the support of pregnancy. Usually if the 5th house is afflicted, then the horoscope or Kundali suffers from Pitru Dosha. If this dosha is not addressed, then pregnancy is either detailed or sometimes in extreme case even denied.
  • The placement of malefic planets such as Saturn, Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu, can also reduce the positivity of the conceiving a child at the predetermined time. In the event of placement of these planets, then too a person may not conceive any child.
  • Now, the 1st and the 5th house is thoroughly addressed, then the transit of Jupiter and planet of Jupiter in the natal chart is important to be studied. This is because, Jupiter is the karaka of pregnancy to a native. In case, if any one of them are afflicted, either in the natal chart or during the transit, then the outcome is not favourable.
  • Again, in the transit of Jupiter, if Jupiter aspects the lord of the 5th house along with the 5th house, then that time is the most auspicious to conceive a child. Since, all the impediments are thwarted.
  • Along with the above transit, the period of Mahadasha and Antradasha is also important. Since, they would decide the timing with accuracy to conceive a child.