How to Eliminate Problems That Arise in Path of Girl’s Marriage?

How to Eliminate Problems That Arise in Path of Girl’s Marriage?
How to Eliminate Problems That Arise in Path of Girl’s Marriage

There can be many reasons for the hindrance or hindrance in getting married, such as planetary defects or Vastu defects. Sometimes the relationship keeps happening and sometimes even after getting engaged, the relationship breaks up and couples seek to get love back.

Getting married with the right person at the right age and at the right time is considered a great fortune in itself. On the other hand, the main reasons for delay in marriage are not getting the horoscope, then not getting the mind and thoughts or the problem of dowry keeps coming in the way.

Apart from this, the coming of relations also decreases with increasing age, due to which the whole family remains worried. It is not that problems arise only in the marriage of the girl child, sometimes even the youths are not able to get married despite all the efforts. In such a situation, today we are telling you about how you can get rid of the love problem solution happening in both the young man and the girl's marriage.

According to the world famous astrologer, the inauspicious position of the planets in astrology is considered to be the main reason for them, which can be diagnosed by doing the remedies of the planets i.e. through chanting, worship, charity, fasting and other Vedic rituals and by performing any suitable rituals.

In astrology, out of the nine planets, the influence of Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu is considered more. In these, Mars, Rahu and Shani create special obstacles. According to astrologer, if there is any kind of delay in marriage in your house, then there are many remedies for its solution. Today we are telling you about the reasons and remedies for the delay in the marriage of the girl.

Marriage Yoga Position in Kundli

If the Guru is weak in the girl's horoscope, then there are obstacles in marriage. Second, if the seventh house and seventh lord, fifth house and fifth lord are disturbed, then problems also arise. Some astrologers also see the twelfth house and twelfth house, second house and second house, eighth house and eighth lord. Mangal Dosh can also be the reason for the hindrance in marriage.

If there is a problem due to Mangal Dosh, then do these remedies

1. Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

2. Have a good relationship with brother, step or close friend.

3. Quit eating meat. Even if you eat occasionally, leave it.

4. Plant a neem tree in the south of the house and offer water to it daily.

5. Jaggery should be eaten while leaving the house. Eat jaggery and feed it.

6. Do Kumbh or Ashwattha marriage before marriage and also get Bhat Puja done.

Common remedies for girl's marriage

1. Feed the rabbit daily.

2. Keep a fast on Thursday and donate yellow things in the temple.

3. Offer water to the banyan tree, peepal and banana tree on Thursday. Along with this, a lamp of pure ghee should be lit.

4. Apply saffron or sandalwood tilak on the forehead every day, wear a garland of basil.

5. Wear only yellow clothes and keep the color of curtains and sheets pink in the house.

6. By consuming saffron in the food, there are chances of early marriage.