How to Eliminate Bad Effects Of Home Using Vastu Shastra?

How to Eliminate Bad Effects Of Home Using Vastu Shastra?
How to Eliminate Bad Effects Of Home Using Vastu Shastra

It is often seen that the budget of the month starts getting spoiled due to unnecessary expenses in the house, sometimes things start getting bad, then even the healthy members of the house suddenly start falling ill. As a result, the economic situation starts deteriorating. But do you know that Vastu defect can be a big reason behind all this. These defects have been explained in detail in Vastu Shastra. By removing them or by adopting some Vastu tips, you can bring happiness, prosperity and happiness in your home again. Today we will tell about some such Vastu defects related to your home. So that you too can live a happy and happy life by getting love problem solution.

These Vastu defects should not be in the house

Water dripping from the tap - If water continues to drip even after turning off any tap in your house, then it is considered a Vastu defect. It is said that just as water is wasted by dripping, in the same way money is also wasted from your house. Therefore, as soon as possible get the tap of your house fixed and solve this Vastu defect.

Direction of water drainage - There should be such a system for all the water that comes out of the house so that the entire water comes out only from the east or north direction. This not only prevents wastage of money but also increases the means of income.

Place of accumulation of money - It is said that there should be a vault or a cupboard, it should be kept in the house in such a way that its door opens towards the north. Due to this, the financial condition never staggers. North direction is the direction of money.

Whether the Tulsi plant is dry - we definitely have a Tulsi plant in every house. But it is also necessary to feed the basil plant and be green. If the basil has dried up, it should be replaced immediately. By not doing this, we invite financial crisis in the house by getting nifty predictions.

Broken glass should not be in the house - Broken glass is always considered inauspicious. This is not only a sign of negativity but it can also lead to financial crisis.

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