How to deal with Compatibility Issues in Relationships?

How to deal with Compatibility Issues in Relationships?
How to deal with Compatibility Issues in Relationships

Nowadays there is no such kind of perfect relationship in anyone’s life. Whether it is one of the best couples or the worst couples they all have arguments and conflicts at some point of the time. Therefore there are some rational fights and then there are the illogical fights that do not make sense at all. Do you ever think that how does this sums up your loving relationship? Have you ever thought that some circumstances are creating problems in life? Are you also thinking that you are investing more than your partner in the relationship? If yes then it is the result of the incompatibility.

We all know that compatibility is not only about having the same interests. For building great compatibility it is all about sharing the same values, having compatible libidos, knowing about how to work through the conflict, handle each other stress, supporting each other’s dream, feeling safe with partner, and planning about future with a partner. If you both have all the qualities then you are a match made in heaven. Therefore not every couple is blessed with having the perfect match and perfect chemistry or to be totally compatible with each other.

Signs that show you are incompatible with your partner:

  1. If you don’t know that how to handle the disagreements and when you guys fight then you fight worse and seek for get my love back. The compatible couples are able to know that how to work through arguments and conflicts.
  2. Talk about your arguments, are you both fight over smallest things, if you both have fight all the time then especially in the initial phase of the relationship.
  3. Whatever you are lacking your partner might be able to fill the gap and vice versa. On the other hand when the morals and the beliefs are so different then you start judging your partner for everything then it is definitely a sign that you are not compatible with your partner.
  4. One of the best thing about the loving relationship that it provides you the sense of the security. You both feel secure and attached with partner. If anything is missing then it is the time to rethink about relationship. If you are not able to find the solution then consult world famous astrologer.
  5. When you are able to find someone you love then don’t feel afraid of speaking your mind whereas if you are in the incompatible relationship then you will feel that you will be judged for everything you will say or do in the loving relationship.
  6. On the other hand your partner does not value of your needs. Couples think that they take you for granted and do not put efforts in the relationship. In a healthy relationship you both need to keep your partners emotional needs in mind to get love problem solution.
  7. You don’t have common interests whatsoever. You do not spend time together doing the things you enjoy with your partner and find it hard to find common ground.
  8. Both have the weird feeling that something is off in the relationship and regardless of how hard you both try and in the end it seems that its not working at all.

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