How to choose the right profession with opportunities

How to choose the right profession with opportunities

How to choose the right profession with opportunities

When it comes to choosing the best career option, we are not always very clear-cut. Accessing some options is easy, but making the final selection is not. We are more cautious about our career and profession because there is only one reason behind it our life depends on our career. So it is very important to know the most suitable career.

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If you want to know the best success in career options according to astrology then the best thing is to follow career astrology. You can get professional astrology predictions based on your horoscope and birth details to find out which profession would be best for your zodiac sign as per Indian astrology.

In this we have tried to help you find a suitable career or business using career astrology.

how to choose a career or business according to astrology

Astrology is all about studying houses, Nakshatras and planets and these things are studied in relation to job promotion by astrology in various fields while finding a suitable career. Here are some important points that help in choosing a career based on astrology:

• Study of the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses which indicate income through profession, daily service and career of the native respectively.

• Position of planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury etc.

• The presence of the Sun in specific houses will have a profound impact on your career. It plays a vital role in helping a person have a bright career.

• Shani throws light on your way of working, your performance in work and obstacles in work

• Jupiter highlights your ability to earn money and how strongly you can benefit from your good deeds in the past in your present.

• Mercury helps define your professional success

Political yogas for a successful career help you to find out the combinations which are very helpful in giving a growing career.

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Business Prediction by Date of Birth Indian Astrology

If you wish to know Business astrology based on your date of birth then Indian astrology helps you have clarity on this. People born in different zodiac signs or birth charts choose different professions and careers as per astrology. Here are the Best Careers According to Your Zodiac Sign:

•    Aries mostly find their interest in professions related to the army, defense, police, medical profession etc.

•    As a businessman of luxury goods, Gemini people enjoy many professions like fashion designing etc.

•    Cancers are successful in careers related to marine

•    Libras mostly enjoy law-related professions

•    Scorpio natives give their best and perform well in jobs and professions related to medicine or medicine.
•    Sagittarius make wonderful teachers, lecturers

•    Capricorn's success in jobs related to mining

•    Aquarius make impressive educationalists and philosophers

•    Pisces suit best in jobs related to marine

If the 10th, 6th and 11th house of the native are strong then chances of getting into government job are very high. You can also find govt job predictions by date of birth from professional World Famous astrologers

Which profession suits me according to astrology

We all dream of a how-to successful and growing career or business get success in a different type of opportunity. But this is possible only when we choose the best career option according to our horoscope. To conclude which profession suits you best according to astrology, here are some points that astrologers should consider:

• Which planets affect the 10th house of your horoscope
• Strength and prestige of the lord of the tenth house
• Role of Transiting Planets
• Aspects of various other planets on the lord of the 10th house
• Role of Planets in Navamsa Chart
• Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka planets of the horoscope

Collection of effective Indian astrology consultancy and profit/loss in stock market trading tips that promises a bright future.

How to predict a career in Vedic astrology

Career predictions in Vedic astrology depend on the houses and planets.

study of houses

The tenth house is studied in relation to career. It is an important house for a career and hence, the lord of the house and influential planets help in concluding the right career for the native.

study of planets

Different planets and their positions suggest certain career options for each individual. Here's a list of the planets along with the kind of job they suggest:

• Sun: Leadership and Administrative Jobs
• Moon: Work related to creativity, art, entertainment, hospitality etc.
• Mars: Construction, security work
• Mercury: Calculation, Communications and Brokerage Jobs
• Jupiter: Do well in work related to teaching, counseling, writing
• Venus: Art, luxury, culture, clothing, and beauty are their areas of interest.
• Shani: construction, labor, land, stonework
• Rahu and Ketu: Do well in medicines, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Imports and exports help them grow.

Enjoy job promotion at the workplace with the help of these useful remedies based on astrology.

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