How Solar Eclipse Affect Pregnant Women?

How Solar Eclipse Affect Pregnant Women?
How Solar Eclipse Affect Pregnant Women

According to this, some things have to be taken care of during and after the eclipse. Apart from this, there are many such precautions that pregnant women need to take during solar eclipse. It is believed that pregnant women are most affected by any eclipse. This is because there is a lot of negative energy in the atmosphere during an eclipse. Astrologer advises pregnant women not to step out of the house during the eclipse period. If it is necessary to go out, apply sandalwood and basil leaves on the womb. This will not affect the eclipse on the fetus. If food is necessary during the eclipse period, then use only those food items in which basil leaves or kusha are added before applying the sutak.

According to astrology consultancy, pregnant women should be more worried as its radiation affects the fetus or fetus. If you are a pregnant woman, follow these things to avoid its fatal effects. Here we are going to tell some such precautions.

1. According to Hindu mythology, pregnant women should stay inside during the solar eclipse as it is believed that it is harmful to leave the house during this time. However, there is no scientific explanation for this.

2. Pregnant women should also stay away from sharp objects like knives, pins and needles during solar eclipse as according to Hindu mythology they are believed to cause deformities in the baby during this period. Do not use any cutting objects like knives, knives, blades, scissors during the eclipse. This can have a bad effect on the organs of the unborn baby.

3. Use of needle thread is also prohibited during this time. During the period of eclipse nothing should be done other than taking the name of God.

4. Pregnant women should not watch the eclipse with open eyes as it can be harmful. One should never watch a solar eclipse with open eyes as it can damage the eyesight.

5. During solar eclipse, pregnant woman is not advised to sleep and she should sit on the grass spread on the floor.

6. After solar eclipse, pregnant woman is advised to take bath. Pregnant women should also take a bath before the start of solar eclipse.

7. Pregnant women should chant 'Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra' or 'Santan Gopal Mantra' or 'Surya Mantra' or 'Vishnu Mantra' to keep their child safe.

  • During the eclipse period, many types of impure and harmful rays come out. So, there are certain tasks that should be done during the eclipse period.
  • Food, water should not be taken during the eclipse.
  • Do not take bath during eclipse. Take a bath after the eclipse is over.
  • Do not look at the eclipse with open eyes. However, seeing the lunar eclipse does not affect the eyes.
  • During the eclipse period, one should keep reciting the mantra given by the Guru.

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