How Nine Planets Affect the Vastu Of Kundali

How Nine Planets Affect the Vastu Of Kundali
How Nine Planets Affect the Vastu Of Kundali

Nine planets have an important place in the Vastu of the building. Each planet has a certain place in the building. Similarly the deities of each direction are also different. When they are balanced in the house, there is happiness and prosperity, whereas if constructed against their nature, Vastu defects arise due to which many types of problems can be suffered in life.

Moon gives peace to the mind

The lord of the wind direction is the Moon. It is the ruling planet of calm mind and luck. It is the karaka of mind, psyche, physical and mental health, wealth and mother. At the same time, Vayavya angle is the place of Vayudev in Vastu, Vayudev gives us strength, life, health. In this direction, it is auspicious to have a dining room, guest house, room for married girls and a bathroom without toilet. It has a special effect on social life and business problem.

The Lord Of East Direction Sun

The lord of the east direction is the planet Sun and the deity Indra. Sun is a planet bestowing health, opulence and brilliance. Is. Never make this direction heavy and closed. Therefore, in Vastu, it is advised to leave the east direction open so that the sunlight of infinite quality can enter the building.

Keeps Mars away from bad luck

The south direction is ruled by the planet Mars and the deity of this direction is Yama. Mars is the giver of all kinds of courage and wealth. Mars is fearless, courageous and perky and is also the ruler of war, fighting, anger. The south direction is related to law, justice, litigation, comfort, life and death. Therefore, the bedroom and storage room should be kept in this direction and you can perform the mangal grah shanti pooja.

Where does Shubh Rahu reside?

The lord of South-West direction or southwest angle is Rahu and the goddess of this direction is of demonic power. Do not keep this direction light and open even by forgetting in the house. It is beneficial to make bedroom, office, bathroom or store room in this direction. Tamas element is highest in this direction, so it is auspicious to keep this direction heaviest in Vastu.

Mercury gives prosperity

This planet is the lord of the north direction and the deity of this direction is Kuber Dev. Mercury is the representative planet of speech and wisdom. The people of the house where North direction is auspicious are very intelligent, learned, interested in writing and poetry. Mercury is the representative planet of prosperity and career, so study room, safe and library are considered auspicious in this direction.

Guru is the lord of Ishaan

It is the ruling planet of North-East or Northeast and Vishnudev is the deity of this direction. Jupiter is the provider of divine radiance and spiritual attitude. This direction should be kept healthy for intellectual development and intellectual peace and to get the grace of God. It is very auspicious to build a place of worship and yoga room in this direction.

Venus bestows wealth

Venus is the ruling planet of the igneous angle and the god of this direction is Agnidev. The planet Venus is the lord of opulence. In a building where the south-east or igneous angle is full of auspicious qualities and free from defects, the internal energy of such Vastu is healthy and has the qualities of Venus. Having kitchen, electrical items and electrical center in this direction is considered auspicious according to Vastu.

Saturn makes lucky

West direction is the direction of profit and happiness. The planet of this direction is Shani and the deity is Varun Dev. The planet Saturn pooja is the factor of luck, karma, fame and male related works. It is auspicious to have a drawing room, bedroom, library in this direction. This direction should always be kept healthy.

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