How Music Is Beneficial To Overcome Several Major Diseases?

How Music Is Beneficial To Overcome Several Major Diseases?
How Music Is Beneficial To Overcome Several Major Diseases

After many researches, medical science has also started to believe that listening to music of your choice for 20 minutes a day can get rid of many everyday diseases. A child lying in a coma for several days came to his senses after listening to his mother's lullaby. This proves that healing can also be done through sound waves.

Diseases are now being treated not only with medicines, but also with unconventional treatment methods. From fragrance, touch to the music, many diseases are being treated. Just as every disease is related to a particular planet in astrology, similarly every sound of music or every sura and raga is definitely related to some planet. For more information consult world famous astrologer.

The Gandharva-Veda, also known as Upaveda, is based on music. It also mentions the use of music for the treatment of patients. According to ancient scriptures, if a person has a disease related to a particular planet and he is told ragas, suras or songs related to that planet, then the particular person gets well soon. Let us know about many such diseases and songs and songs that give relief from them.

The following classical ragas are mentioned. Benefits can be obtained by playing any song, music, bhajan or instrument in these ragas.

1) Heart disease: It is beneficial to listen to music related to Raga Darbari and Raga Sarang in this disease. It is beneficial to play medium sitar, do not listen to loud music.

2) Insomnia: This disease is one of the most common diseases in our life. It is beneficial to listen to Raga Bhairavi and Raga Sohni in case of this disease. It is beneficial to listen to medium flute playing while being calm in bed.

3) Pitta disease: If this disease occurs, listening to Raga Khamaj gives benefit. While eating food, it is especially beneficial to listen to medium tone waves filled with natural sounds like water and wind.

4) Weakness: According to astrology consultancy disease is related to physical weakness. The person suffering from this disease feels himself unable to do any work. Listening or singing raga Jai ​​Jaywanti is beneficial in case of this disease. Listen to some loud music to create excitement.

5) Memory: Those people who are losing or losing their memory, they get a lot of benefit by listening to Raga Shivranjani. Playing the veena and listening to the flute is of great benefit.

6) The person remains sluggish when he is suffering from anemia or physical weakness. Benefits can be found by listening to songs related to Raag Peelu. Mridang and drums convey enthusiasm.

7) Psychiatric or depression: It is beneficial to listen to Raga Bihag and Raga Madhuvanti in this disease. Listening to Ghungroo and Tabla pleases the mind.

8) Blood pressure: Slow speed in high blood pressure and fast pace in low blood pressure gives benefit. It is very beneficial to listen to the playing of the veena.

9) Respiratory diseases like asthma: In this disease, listening and singing songs and music based on faith and devotion is beneficial. Songs related to Raga Malkauns and Raga Lalit can be heard in this disease. Natural sound waves such as ocean waves or spigots are of great benefit.

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