How Does Wife's keep their Married life happy

How Does Wife's keep their Married life happy

It's something we all want, but how many of us are able to achieve it? As a therapist with more than a decade of experience working with couples, these are my top tips for building a strong and healthy relationship. Communication and initiative are the keys to success. The finest advice I can give you on How Does Wife's keep their Married life happy is included in this post.

9 Tips for a Happy Married Life

1: The first year of dating is a fun time to recreate the things you performed together.

As time goes on, we tend to slouch into our PJs and become sluggish in our interactions. In time, we lose our ability to be compassionate and kind to our companions. Write down what you used to do in your first year of dating for your lover. Restart the process and repeat the previous steps.

2: Ask for what you want.

Eventually, we grow to assume that our partner knows us so well that we don't have to ask for what we want from them. When this assumption is made, what happens? Expectations are quickly shattered. We may question the feasibility of our collaboration and connection if our expectations are not realized. Make sure to mention your emotions as well, your sexual needs when you say you're "asking for what you want."

3. Get to know your partner well.

Think about what excites your partner on a physical and emotional level. As a result, we may lose sight of what people really want and instead focus on what we think they want. Remember that you don't have to understand why something is important to your partner. It's a given that you'll have to go through with it.

4: Make it a point to check in with one another once a week.

Every meeting begins with a roundtable discussion on what went well and what didn't the week before and what can be done to make things better this week. Make the most of this time to discuss your future plans for your relationship, such as setting up a date night and talking about what you want to happen in the next days, weeks, and months. If there isn't a regular check to see how things are heating up, anger and unmet expectations might build up.

5: Don't lose your seductiveness.

It's interesting to speculate about what might happen in a relationship in which both partners made a conscious effort to emphasize their favorite behaviors while minimizing the ones they dislike. Give this some serious thought. The word "sexy" may refer to both sexual proclivities and the characteristics of a partner that we find endearing.

6: Try to comprehend instead of agreeing.

The idea is simple, but the execution is difficult. Conferencing our own correctness to our spouse or trying to persuade them to alter their opinion quickly degenerates into arguments. Instead of waiting for your significant other to give in, treat a conversation as an opportunity to learn more about their perspective.” To prevent an explosion or long-lasting irritation, we may have an interesting discussion from this position.

7: Be specific in what you apologize for.

A sincere apology, however, can only be sincere when it comes from the heart. There is no use in saying "I'm sorry you feel that way," "I'm sorry you perceive it that way," or even "I'm sorry if I upset you." A feeling can never be disproved, even if you disagree with the emotion.

8:  If you want to talk about anything other than how your day went, ask about it.

When we've had a hard day, we tend to put our lives and our relationships on the back burner. "How was your day?"  Due to how often it is asked, many of us will just answer with the bare minimum: "It's OK. What happened to yours?"

Every day, give yourself permission to take a mental vacation. We tend to prioritize our work and personal lives above our relationship, leaving little time or energy for the two of us.

If there are no emergencies or deadlines, we are fully present with our companions at all times. We leave our distractions at the door, and we don't pick them up again until the sun rises and we leave the room.

9: Allow yourself "fight breaks" if you need to.

It's important to resolve arguments with your partner and yourself in mind, and to do it with a positive attitude. When a discussion on an issue becomes heated, one or both of you should take a break so that sane judgmentcan prevail. The primary goal of the tool.


If you'd want to recreate the romance of your youth, follow these tips. It is important to remember that a nice wife is only possible if she is married to a wonderful man! Keep in mind that he is the one who made you feel like a failure as a girlfriend. As a result, you should never feel sad about anything.