How Bamboo Plant in House bring Happiness & Prosperity in Life?

How Bamboo Plant in House bring Happiness & Prosperity in Life?
How Bamboo Plant in House bring Happiness & Prosperity in Life

According to Vastu Shastra, the bamboo plant is considered important for bringing positivity in the house and for shining luck. It is believed that keeping a bamboo plant in the house brings success in work and increases in wealth and fame. However, according to Vastu, the bamboo plant should be planted in the right direction and place. Let us know how bamboo plants are better for us according to Vastu and in which direction they should be kept.

Brings Positive Energy

Bamboo plant brings positive energy. In such a situation, you can keep it at home or workplace also. It is believed that bamboo plant should be planted at the place of family sitting. Due to this, the relationship between the family members remains better.

Better Health

Keeping bamboo which is considered lucky in home or office brings prosperity and good health. Also this plant brings positive energy.

There Is Peace In The House

According to vastu tips it is believed that if a bamboo plant is planted in the east direction of the house, peace remains in the house and there is no trouble. Apart from this, the arrival of money also remains in the house.

Money Comes

Planting a bamboo plant at the workplace removes negative energy. Also the environment remains pure. Apart from this, the arrival of money also remains in the house.

Benefits of planting bamboo tree

  1. According to Feng Sui, which is the Vastu Shastra of China, planting a bamboo tree in the house creates an atmosphere of happiness and harmony. You can consult world famous astrologer for more information.
  2. It is also very good in appearance, so you can gift it to your friends or relatives on any festival or special occasion.
  3. It removes negative energy from the house and brings positive energy, due to which health is also good.
  4. Using it in the house brings prosperity and peace in the house.
  5. By planting a bamboo tree in the house, diseases are removed from the house and the body remains healthy.
  6. With this you can also decorate your home.
  7. Applying it in the house brings good luck and auspicious results.
  8. By planting a bamboo tree, money comes in the house and the owner of the house does not face any kind of financial problem.

How many bamboo trees is it right to plant?

  1. Although there is no fixed estimate for this, you can plant only one bamboo tree if you want, but still according to Feng Sui, there are different benefits of planting such a number of bamboo trees.
  2. Plant 2 bamboo trees for marriage and love problem.
  3. Plant 3 bamboo trees for long life, wealth and good health.
  4. To get success in your career, plant 4 bamboo trees.
  5. Plant 7 bamboo trees for the good health of the whole family.
  6. Plant 10 bamboo trees for mental peace.

Plant bamboo plant in this direction

  1. It is considered better to plant a bamboo tree in the south-east direction because by planting it in this direction, peace remains in the house and wealth comes.
  2. Keep these things in mind while planting a bamboo tree
  3. Do not keep it near a window or in a place where sunlight comes directly. This will burn the plant and spoil it.
  4. Don't forget to hang it. This will spoil the plant and negative energy will come in the house.
  5. It can be easily placed on the dining table of the house or for decoration in any part of the house.
  6. Keep in mind that this plant should not wither.

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