How astrology services helpful to get married on right age?

How astrology services helpful to get married on right age?
How astrology services helpful to get married on right age

At the appropriate age of marriage, parents begin to worry that our sons and daughters should get married in time so that they are relieved of their responsibility. But it happens many times in life, that marriage brings a lot of problems and obstacles in marriage. Somewhere there is talk of marriage, and gradually the marriage is also fixed, but due to some other reasons, the marriage breaks up. There can be many reasons cited by astrology for not getting married. As if someone is not getting married, or breaks up after being fixed, then such a situation comes when Jupiter, Mars, mainly in our horoscope are in a very bad state. These two planets are considered to be an interruption in marriage, but along with it there are other planets which can obstruct your marriage.

According to astrology consultancy, when the Sun's condition is bad in the birth chart of the bride and groom and the Sun God is sitting in an afflicted state, then there is a problem in marriage. Due to Manglik defect in birth chart, marriage is also hindered. It is said about Manglik Dosh, that a Manglik Jataka should be married to another Manglik Jataka and if this is not done then the happiness of the married life can be snuffed out and if they do not do this then they can suffer the same as death is. Apart from this, Saptamesh, the lord of the seventh house of the horoscope, is sitting in an inauspicious house with a lowly planet, then marriage is never fixed in life. According to astrology, if the native is born in Shravan Nakshatra and if the Yoga of Shani-Mars is being formed in the horoscope, then the marriage is interrupted and even if the marriage is complete then after some time such marriages come to the brink of breakdown .

Remedy for early marriage

• Such people who wish for an early marriage, should first get their birth chart analyzed and confirm that Jupiter-Mars or any other planet is not bad in their birth chart.

• Make two pedas of wheat and gram flour on every Thursday, apply a little turmeric paste in them and feed the cow regularly till at least Thursday 21. This remedy is for both boy and girl to deal with love marriage problem also.

• If there is a delay in the marriage of a girl, then take 5 coconut and offer it in the Shiva temple and together chant this mantra 180 times. Mantra - ॐ Shree Vara Pradayya Shri Namah and every Monday, worship the temple where Shiva and Parvati are seated together every Monday.

• The young woman who is eligible for marriage should note that there is no junk under their bed and in the sleeping room, otherwise the marriage will be hindered due to this Vastu Dosh, and in the morning After leaving the bed, fix your bed well because it helps to deal with husband wife dispute problem.

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