How Astrology Determine wealth in Birth Chart

How Astrology Determine wealth in Birth Chart
How astrology determine wealth in Birth Chart

The state of one's assets in the second house: planets located inside the house and their aspects; the ruler of the second house and its position by sign, place, and part; and the sign on the second house's cusp. Planets are located inside the house, and their aspects; the ruler of the eighth house and its position by sign, home, and part; and the movement on the cusp of the eighth house for one's assets gained via partnership or marriage. The 11th house's condition for personal assets accumulated via business and career:

Planets and Their Significance in House’s

  • Planets located inside the house and their aspects. The ruler of the eleventh house and its position by sign, place, and aspect. The sign on the eleventh house's cusp.
  • The statue of Venus, the second house's natural ruler, and Jupiter, the planet of growth. Look for the signs of Taurus and Sagittarius in the chart as well. The chart ruler (Ascendant ruler) and its connections to the rulers of the second and eighth houses. Keep an eye out for planets in the second and eighth houses.
  • The position of Saturn and Mars in the horoscope, which determines the native's motivation and ambition. These indicators do not indicate money potentially on their own, but they certainly contribute to wealth accumulation.
  • The second house governs material things and money attitudes. Money gained via partnership or marriage is ruled by the eighth house. Money gained via business and profession is led by the eleventh house.

There's a trend here, you'll notice. In reality, derivative homes may be used to assess the potential of personal assets from all walks of life. The fifth house, for example, governs creativity, while the sixth house is the second house from the fifth house (assuming we take the fifth house to be the first house). We might theoretically turn to the 6th house to see how much money we could make through artistic undertakings or hobbies. Because the fifth house also governs our kids, we may turn to the sixth house for cash acquired via children (though that seems a bit strange to me!).

Although this is a highly complex image, we can get a sense of this person's financial potential. In this native's second home, there are a lot of planets. He has the Sun and Mercury in the first house and Mars and the Moon. Venus is in the first house but conjunct the second house cusp. With so much activity in the second residence, the native should increase his assets.

Consequently, we may anticipate this individual to do rather well for himself. Still, the second house ruler's square to Jupiter, and especially the opposition to Neptune, predicts that he will readily waste most of the money he does earn. As intent on making money as he is, he may have a propensity to overindulge (square to Jupiter), and money may slip through his fingers a bit too readily for him to gain much fortune (opposition to Neptune). In truth, the native in issue is happy with his current situation. He is a dedicated worker who believes in living in the present moment. He is unconcerned with gaining fortune in his instance. He doesn't need it since he earns a decent living.

I've always considered the problematic elements of money significators to Neptune to be a bit of a pain. Jupiter's challenging aspects might also be problematic. At the age of 18,  for example, had her horoscope read by an astrologer. She was assured that since Jupiter was conjunct the ruler of her second house, she would never be short of money. The fact was that she never actually needed money, but she had a difficult time keeping it. For example, she earned a decent amount of money in her thirties, only to have it wasted by her husband. Neptune is forming a square to Jupiter, the ruler of the second house, and it is doing so from the eighth house, which is the home of shared assets and money through partnerships and marriage.

The native's energy and ambition are shown by the location and condition of Saturn and Mars. These characteristics might be crucial when money and riches are achieved via the native's work. I've discovered that any hard or soft aspect between Mars and Saturn inspires me to complete, with the problematic elements being the most urgent.

It's worth noting that if the native has "simple" parts surrounding money, there may not be the desire or follow-through to both create and preserve riches. My cousin is a self-made lady who rose from the bottom to the top of the corporate ladder. Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are all in a yod formation on her horoscope. Venus sextiles Saturn in the textile section of the yod, with Jupiter both Venus and Saturn. Mars opposes Saturn and trines Jupiter. Saturn, in essence, makes challenging aspects to both Mars and Jupiter, while Mars and Jupiter are in a trine.

When determining the possibility for self-made riches or success, this sort of mixed configuration (in which there are what are usually regarded as both "fortunate" and "unlucky" qualities) is something to look for. Superficial characteristics may not seem to generate the "oomph" required to work hard and achieve a great objective. She feels that one of the things that have contributed to her success is that she does not back down from difficulties and does not crumble when everything around her seems to be crumbling. Her Sun and Mercury both trine Neptune, which I believe plays a role in her achievement since her great intuition is part of the "recipe" for her success, in addition to her capacity to tackle adversities. She has had to depend on a certain amount of trust (Neptune) and extraordinary intuitive abilities to thrive as she has, especially as a woman of her time and in her specific career.